Dec 26, 2008


Santa Claus is the most successful salesman of World. You can call him the most successful invention of capitalism. But I know. You may not care until you become a dad or a mom.

I too didn’t care until a few days back. I was raised in a Hindu family and I didn’t have any Christian friends until I was 20 something. So Santa Claus and Christmas gifts never meant much to me.

Our (almost) 3 years old daughter Aryaa goes to a nearby kindergarten. She started talking about Christmas party that was being planned for the 24th Dec. in her kindergarten, Santa Claus and gifts. She also did this “ho-ho—ho” in Santa Claus style. They must have been rehearsing there in the kindergarten. Japanese people celebrate Christmas but they don’t celebrate it. I mean that they have copied the entertainment part of it but don’t care about the religious part.

Aryaa was supposed to get some gifts from her kindergarten but started demanding from us too. She wanted AKAI JIDOSHA (Red Car). One of her picture-books is BURUBURUSANNO AKAI JIDOUSHA (Mr. Bul and his Red Car). She likes it very much.

I was late to come home on the 24th. Sobita and Aryaa were already home. Aryaa’s gifts from Santa Claus were everywhere in the room, many small toys, cookies, new picture book. Sobita had also bought one AKAI JIDOUSHA (a small one) and a writing board.

Aryaa was very excited with all these gifts and came for dinner very reluctantly.

MAINICHI KURISUMASUNO HOU GA YII NE (It would be great if we had Christmas everyday), Aryaa was saying during the dinner.


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