Dec 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

I wish all my dear readers of this blog a very Happy New Year 2010! May this year bring even more happiness, peace, success and prosperity in your life!

One of my NY resolutions is to be more frequent in posting in this blog:)

Dec 23, 2009


Aryaa loves ice-cream too much. In summer, she had said many times that she wants to be an ice-cream shop owner.

But her 'dream' has changed now, she says "GURU-GURU MAWARU ONECHYAN NI NARITAI (I want to be a rotating girl)!"

GURU GURU MAWARU means "to roate". ONECHYAN is elder sister but it's also used for "young girl" in common spoken Japanese.

She wants to be a figure skater. She loves to watch figure skating in TV, she is crazy for it. We can persuade her to something else from TV generally but absolutely not if there is figure skating. They have a lot of figure skating competitions in this time of year. Winter Olympics (Vancouver 2010) is approaching and a lot of selection competitions too are going on. So figure skating competitions broadcasts can be seen regularly.

Aryaa has even recited the names of a few of the figure skating superstars, like Kim Yona (Korea), Mao Asada (Japan) and Miki Andou (Japan). She very affectionately calls them KIM YONA ONECHYAN etc. whenever she sees their faces in TV.

It's interesting to watch how long this 'dream' of hers will last and what will replace it.

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Dec 11, 2009

GAMBARE Aryaa-chyan!

Breast feeding for Aryaa stopped when she was around one and half years old. We didn’t do anything, Sobita was ready to breast feed her for next several months, but it was Aryaa herself who wasn’t interested. We continued formula for a little longer.

There was not much to worry as Aryaa was already eating other foods too from much earlier than this. But as most of the children she was choosy. She used to hate most of the vegetables but with ‘crazy’ naming, she started happily eating some of them. And gradually, there is not much problem left in the case of vegetables though sometimes we still have to devise ‘crazy’ names, ‘crazy’ shapes or ‘crazy’ stories for a few of them.

Milk (normal one, not the formula) is one thing that she didn’t like from the beginning. She preferred bottle feeding for whatever little she drank. But after she turned around 2 and half, her teachers suggested us to make Aryaa drink from cup in home as they were teaching that in Kindergarten too.

But it was very hard to make her drink milk from cup. There was no problem for water or juice, seemed she didn’t like milk’s scent. If cold, she would drink some but she hated the warmed milk.

Her kindergarten had UNDOUKAI (sports meet) in October. She got a ‘gold’ medal, her friends too got, all the children get it:).

“Yesterday, Aryaa-chyan got medal---“ she said during breakfast the next day.
“Yes, yes! Do you know why you got it?”
“Aryaa-chyan ran very fast--, so.”
“Yes! But why can Aryaa-chayn run so fast?”
“Because Aryaa-chyan is so GENKI (healthy)---.”
“But why is Aryaa-chyan so GENKI?”
“Because Aryaa-chyan eats well, eats a lot---“
“Yes, but not only that. Aryaa-chyan drinks a lot of milk too. Milk makes Aryaa-chyan’s feet stronger---“, I found an ‘opening’ here.
“Yes, yes----“, she ‘agreed’.
“Aryaa-chyan will drink today too, will finish this soon, won’t you?” I asked her.
“PAPA OOEN SITE NE----(Papa, please cheer for me), She was now ready to drink milk. 
“OK”, so I started “GAMBARE ARYAA-CHYAN! ARYAA-CHYAN NO KATI NI NARU YO---(Keep it up Aryaa-chyan, Keep it up! Aryaa-chyan will win-----)“ and clapping!
“SHASIN MO TOTTE (Please take some photographs too)”, was her new ‘order’ in the middle.
“OK. Click! Click!!----“ I make hand gestures, I now turned into a sports photographer too:)
“See, Aryaa-chyan drank all.” The cup was already empty.

While done like this, she started drinking milk before sleeping too.

So I am doing this role of a ‘crazy’ supporter and shouting “GAMBARAE ARYAA-CHYAN----“, not only once, twice a day since last two months.

And in the meantime, I am working as a sports photographer too:)

Dec 2, 2009

Aryaa-chyan too is poor---:)

It was on Friday evening, I was reading picture (story) books for Aryaa.

"Once upon a time, there was an old man living with his wife.", I started. "They were very poor---".
"What is 'poor'?" Aryaa interrupted me.
"---Hmmmmm--" I thought for a moment, I had to answer quickly, Aryaa seemed impatient for the answer and the continuation of story.
"Well, 'poor' means they didn't have money." I decided on this answer , "----Old man used to go to forest everyday to cut wood---" and continued the story.
"Ehhh----, Aryaa-chyan too is poor--" Aryaa interrupted me again.
"Why?" I was surprised.
"Aryaa-chyan doesn't have money."
"No! No! Aryaa-chyan is not poor. Aryaa-chyan's Papa and Mama-----"
"DEMO ARYAA-CHYAN OKANE NAI YO--!" (But Aryaa-chyan doesn't have money--!) Aryaa was not ready to accept that she wasn't poor:)

I then realized my mistake. My answer was wrong for her age.
"I am Sorry! Papa was wrong. They didn't have food and good clothes, so they were poor---" I tried to 'correct' my answer.
"Ehhh---." She 'ordered' me to continue the story. I hope she was content with this 'definition'.

I know she will forget most of such 'answers' that we reply her questions with but the impression might last much longer in her subconscious.

It's always difficult to find the 'most correct' answer.

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Nov 21, 2009

Strawberry flavored Puppa----

I was late to come back on Thursday evening.

Sobita opened the door. Usually Aryaa too would come running but  today she was already in bed. She wasn't asleep yet though, she was looking at pictures in her story-books.

I went straight to the door of the bed room and said, "Aryaa, see, Papa is back." She didn't care.
"Aryaa, Papa is back. See---" I repeated but she was still engrossed in the pictures. It was too painful to me:)
"Aryaa, see, Papa wants a sweeeee---t Puppa from Aryaa. Won't you come here? --- OK then I am going to bathroom---"
"MATTE! MATTE! (wait! wait!)", with this 'threat' of mine, she came towards me and kissed me on cheek.
"Woww, it's so tasty! What is the flavor today?" I asked after kissing her back.
"BUDOU AJI DA YO! (it's grape flavor!)" she replied.
"ARIGATOU! Papa wants one more Puppa, this time the strawberry flavored one."
"OK!" she kissed in my another cheek and went back to bed. The father inside me too was content enough now to face bravely the rare lonely dinner.
These 'flavored Puppa's are the result of those countless lovely mother-daughter cuddling. Each cuddling results in a couple of new flavors:) Almost all of the fruits are already used to flavor kisses and I wonder what will come after fruits:)

By the way, it's also interesting to watch those mother-daughter arguments and 'fights' but that's another story for another time.

Nov 13, 2009

And Papa is ----

Aryaa has a 3 persons world, a child, mother and father. I knew that "home" is the first world for any child but hadn't even imagined that it has such a strong influence in a child's definition of world. Her home has "3" persons and she now defines everthing in "3 persons". When she sees a child in street, she asks us about the child's Papa and Mama, when we start telling her a story "Once there was this small rabbit---" she immediately asks, "---rabbit's Papa and Mama?" . She sometimes even asks us whether the the drifting cloud or a tree too have Papa and Mama. I think children who live in a joint family may imagine more members.

This might only be the coincidence but stories in most of her picture-books too have 3 main characters. So she assigns different roles for us 3. Her most favorite is one which has a story about NINJIN (carrot), DAIKON (radish) and GOBO (burdock root).

These three guys, NINJIN, DAIKON and GOBO were living together. All of them were white then. One day, they played all day in mud and dirtied their body. They thought of taking a bath (OFURO NI HAIRU) and started preparing the FURO (Japanese hot bath)

Almost every household in Japan has this FURO (hot bath). Entering FURO in the late evening or before sleeping is a daily ritual in Japan. Public FUROs are called ONSEN (hot spring).

So they prepared and it was NINJIN who entered the bathroom first. She took a shower and entered FURO.
"Achhhhhhhhhh---! It's too hot----!" But she tolerated it and stayed inside.

When she came out after 25 minutes, her skin was very red.

In our home, it's Aryaa who enters first. When she was smaller, she would be in the lap of one of us but nowadays she moves a lot inside and has also collected a lot of toys which she can enjoy there with. So we wait outside. She loves to stay there for a long time, in temperature 1 or 2 degrees higher than that for me.

So Aryaa is NINJIN.

Then it was DAIKON's turn. She took shower and was about to enter FURO. "Oh, this is too hot----", she added some cold water.
"Ahh---, it's so comfortable----" She stayed inside for a long time. When she came out, she was white as before.

In our home, Mama enters FURO after Aryaa. So Mama is DAIKON.

Then comes our GOBO. "I hate FURO!!!" he just takes a quick shower and comes out.

So GOBO is still dirty.

I too hate FURO:), I just feel suffocated in hot water. So I either don't enter at all or come out too soon. Even for shower, I prefer it at morning, after coming back from walk.

So Papa is GOBO.

But let me make this clear to you, I am not 'dirty' like our dear GOBO in Aryaa's story book. I am a little bit darker than Aryaa and her mom but as you know 'dark' is different from 'dirty':))

Nov 4, 2009

Fish on Papa's back---

"Papa had fish on back. Why?" Aryaa asked me immediately after getting up one morning.
"Fish on my back! No---! What are you Saying?"
"Papa had fish on back. It was stuck there. Mama pulled it and threw away." She made it more detailed. She seemed little bit frustrated that I didn't 'agree' with her.

Now I understood, or at least I could make a guess. She might be dreaming something like that and taking it for real. It happens often with small kids. I remember a few similar incidents with my youngest siblings.

Aryaa's this dream must be because of a program that we were watching in TV the previous evening. The program was about "Deadliest Animals of Earth". One among the deadliest animals was a small blind fish which can enter human body by biting and making its way inside. It was shown with an animation, Aryaa too saw it and she was saying "KUWAAI!(Scary!)". She had fell asleep in my lap while watching this program.

Normally, we are careful not to let her watch anything violent on TV, but forgot to change the channel this time. The program was interesting enough to make us 'careless':). Besides that, we let Aryaa watch this as she is very happy to watch about animals. She had enjoyed most of what she watched before falling asleep.

We will be more careful from now.

Oct 28, 2009

Flu shots

Aryaa got the first dose of the flu shot last week. Children are required to get in two doses, Aryaa will get the second one after one month. Me and Sobita too are thinking to get it, like last year. I had influenza two years ago.

This is the vaccine for the 'regular' flu and not for this year's 'hit' swine flu. Vaccination campaign against swine flu has just started in Japan. Medical workers are given the first priority. People with serious diseases and pregnant women will get it from November and children aged up to 10 from mid-December. I think 'healthy' adults may have to wait until March for it.

In the mean time, we have been completely successful in instilling the 'influenza terror' in Aryaa:) She doesn't forget to wash her hands and gargle each time after coming back from outside. She hasn't demanded mask for herself yet though. I think she hasn't yet seen anybody with mask in her kindergarten yet. As the epidemic is not so big in our area, we too haven't thought of putting on masks yet.

Oct 21, 2009

Good Schooling Alone Is Not Enough

[I am happy to share this Guest Post from Educational Technologies . Navendu Sharma from Educational Technologies will answer your questions/comments. -Basanta]

Understand Early Childhood Education - Good Schooling Alone Is Not Enough

The most important reason why school education is insufficient is that, by the time a child reaches schooling age, it is already too late to start the child’s education. The best time for parents to actively start educating a child is before the child reaches the age of three years. To understand why early childhood education is needed, we need to know how the human brain develops during this period.

The importance of preschool activities

When a child is born, its brain is not fully developed. Till the age of three it can be made to grow at a rapid rate because the dendrites become functional during this period. Dendrites are parts of the neuron that receive messages in the form of electronic impulses from other nerve cells. A portion of the dendrites that are formed are lost if the brain does not receive enough stimulation. The only way to preserve these dendrites is to generate electrical impulses in the brain by offering it external stimulation.

Dr. Rima Shore points out that "Early interactions don't just create a context; they directly affect the way the brain is 'wired'". This implies that if the child is given proper attention at the pre kindergarten stage s/he will become a good learner and thus always remain ahead of others. The best way to stimulate the development of the child’s brain is to impart a skill like reading. This skill will give the child an added edge because it will allow the child to start learning more complex things when its peers are struggling with reading lessons. Did you know that a child spends 17,500 waking hours at home before s/he starts kindergarten?

One size does not fit all

School education also does not prove profitable to children who are endowed with interpersonal, naturalistic, musical, visual-spatial, and intrapersonal intelligences because mainstream schools mostly focus on verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, and bodily-kinesthetic intelligences.

We must also note that children spend only a fraction of their time in school. If parents do not enhance the education that they receive in school with adequate home education resources, the child will fall behind others in a highly competitive world.

What can be an effective home-education material – Interactive Books

When we talk about education, books are the imperative tools for imparting knowledge. But with the advancement of technology, they are no longer confined within paper covers. Books are now read on screen supported by attractive and interactive animations. These interactive books are a great way of inculcating the habit of reading and learning in children.

Interactive books for kids enable learners to interact with the characters, thereby making the reading process even more engrossing. Books for toddler are made interactive with animated gestures, special effects, and sounds. When children listen to fictional characters narrating the story, the experience becomes more enjoyable. Moreover, moving images appeal more to the tender senses than the static illustrations in a book.

Some of the interactive books even invite the young minds to contribute their imagination in order to carry forward the story line. This unique process gives children the desired scope to unfurl their imagination and creativity.

Advantages of interactive books:

• Interactive books give readers the opportunity to take part in the story line by changing the plot as per his/ her decision. Thus interactive reading can hone the decision making skills in children.
• Interactive books come with multimedia facilities of animated sound, actions, and special effects. This makes reading a richer and more captivating experience.
• More than just reading, listening to stories helps children learn new words and also perfect their pronunciations.
• When kids read books online or through CDs and DVDs, they automatically become well acquainted with the basic functioning of a computer.

In the multimedia generation, interactive books can be the latest and most suitable option as far as developing your child’s reading habits are concerned. It is capable of imparting a multi-faceted learning experience even as a part of the home education curriculum. As you browse the Internet, you can find a plethora of sites offering interactive books. So find a suitable one for your kid and watch how reading can become truly interactive and educative!


Oct 14, 2009

"Laugh--!" and "Don't Laugh---!"

Well, Aryaa sometimes behaves like a 'dictator':)

It was a evening a few days back. Her mother had classes until late in the evening. I was cooking and Aryaa was playing with her writing board. She was talking mostly to herself and was sometimes saying "isn't it?--" to me too. "Yes, it is." I was replying her without looking at her.

She laughed suddenly with herself, I don't know what made her laugh.

"PAPA! WARATTE! (Papa, laugh!)" she then ordered me.
"Why Laugh?", I was tired and wasn't in the mood to 'laugh'.
"Aryaa-chyan funny, so!"
"OK then, hi hi hi-----" I make a barely audible grin.
"CHIGAU! CHYANTO WARATTE! (Not like that! Laugh well!)" she threatens me:)
"HA HA HA-----!" so I make a LOL. This makes her content and she continues her 'gibberish'.

And some days back again. It was dinner time. She wanted ice-cream at the middle of the dinner, we told her 'to be a good girl and finish her lunch' first. So she was pretty unhappy. She suddenly pushed her mother's hand, and chopsticks fell to the ground.
"What are you doing---?" her mother shouted at her.
"Aryaa, that's not good girl---." I added.
Aryaa then started crying.
"Don't scold---! See! I have tears----."
We looked at her, there was no tears.
"Ha ha ha! No tears in your eyes--!" I started laughing.
"WARAWANAIDE! WARAIKOTO JIANAI! (Don't laugh! It's not funny!)" She shouted at me. This made me laugh even louder! I had to go to another room for a while to 'pacify' her.

It's a great fun to be with a 'dictator' as long as the 'dictator' is a sweet, cute little one:)

(Image Source: Click Here)

Oct 2, 2009

The Great 'Why----?' Explosion

The great explosion of childhood curiosity and questions.

"Papa, why wiping head?"
"Because it's wet. It's ----"
"Why is it wet?"
"It's raining outside, I -----"
"Why is it raining?"
"Hmmm---, it's cloudy outside, a lot of black clouds---"
"Why cloudy? Why a lot of black clouds?---"
"Well, Hmmmm------, because it's not sunny."
"Why not sunny?"
"Sun is not out today."
"Why Sun not out today?"
"Why?----Answer!" She starts crying.
"Wait, wait! Papa is thinking. Well, because Sun wants rest today."
"Why Sun wants rest?"
"Because Sun is tired."
"Ehhh, Sun is tired?"
"Yes, Sun is tired."
"Hmmm, because Sun comes out everyday and runs a lot in the sky. When Aryaa-chyan runs a lot, Aryaa-chyan too gets tired. Isn't it?"
"Yes. Aryaa-chyan is tired today. Aryaa-chyan ran a lot with Honoka-chyan."
Thanks God! I feel relief now! There was a turning point and I got freed from this endless seeming chain of questions.

But this doesn't always happen. She continues asking until we reach a real dead end. "Why? Answer!" She keeps on saying. If we say "--- don't know." she will again ask "Why?". We try hard not to be irritated but sometimes there is no other answer than saying like "That is that because  that is that." and quickly change the subject. Sometimes we need to bring "God" in between to satisfy her curiosity. Well, she hasn't started questioning 'God' yet. We are going to have real trouble after she starts that too ::)

Sometimes her questions come from nowhere. One example is my last post. Here is another short conversation between us when I was reading picture books for her before sleeping.

"What does God do?" She asked suddenly.
"God lives so high in the sky. What does God do?", She made her question 'more detailed' while I was thinking for a good answer. She already knows that God lives up in the sky, God talks from sky to a young boy in one of her picture books.  
"Hmmm---, from that up, he watches what everybody is doing and----"
"Ehhh, SUGOII NE (amazing---)!" She interrupted me and then continued to listen what I was reading.

It feels wonderful to be a a part of her curiosity, her innocent quest to know this mystery called life. By trying to answer her questions, I feel that answers to many of my own questions are nearing.

I wish I could stay and listen and try to answer all of her beautiful innocent questions. I wish I had enough time to record all of our conversations with her and put here.

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Sep 24, 2009

Where was Aryaa-chyan before----?

Aryaa asks a lot of questions these days. All children are very curios and when they reach this age and gain some grasp in language there is an explosion of questions.

Aryaa's kindergarten was closed due to some public holidays and Aryaa was home with her mother for last few days. This is the 'story' her mother told me yesterday evening.

She asks so many strange questions these days. I was arranging the things and she was playing in the other room.

"Mama loves Aryaa-chyan?" She suddenly came to me and asked. She seemed very serious.
"Yes of course, dear!"
"Where was Aryaa-chyan when Aryaa-chyan was small?"
"With Papa and Mama."
"Ehh---, Aryaa-chyan was with Papa and Mama in birth too?"
"Where was Aryaa-chyan before that?"
"Hmm----Well, in Mama's womb." I answered pointing to my stomach. She doesn't know the difference between stomach and womb, I am sure.  The same word ONAKA is used for both in spoken Japanese.
"Ehh---! How did Aryaa-chyan went there?" She was surprised. I was surprised even more with her question and couldn't think what to answer.
"Papa, Mama loved Aryaa-chyan very much." She started answering herself. "So prayed to God and God put Aryaa-chyan in Mama's stomach."

I was relieved but surprised with her answer. Aryaa then went back to the room and continued her play.

We both don't remember explaining to her like that. Her teachers in kindergarten may have said or  she may have assembled the answer totally herself. We have mentioned God many times when we are totally unable to answer her questions. 

She will know the correct answer for her question when she becomes an adult. But isn't her answer already the 'most correct' one?

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Sep 10, 2009

Here and There

Aryaa is happier these days as she is taken to some new places/events every weekend. 

We took her to Nagoya Castle a few weeks back. We two had already been there, this time it was especially for Aryya. We were afraid that it may not interest Aryaa as it's a historical museum. But she enjoyed the place very much. She was also thrilled to see the surrounding area from the top floor. There were a lot of other children too. I have posted a couple of photographs of that day in my previous post.

We also watched a 3-D movie of about 30 minutes about the castle. Aryaa was afraid at first but started enjoying soon. It was the first 3-D movie for her parents too.

Then there was TEEJ, a traditional Nepali festival dedicated to women. Aryaa enjoyed the crowd and Ahina's company.

Ahina and Aryaa in their own world

We had a chance to go to Nakatajima Beach on August 30. It lies in Hamamatu city, around 3 hrs driving distance from Nagoya. This windy beach with very strong waves is not for swimming.

Thanks a lot to Yamashita san, a Japanese volunteer who took us there and Parameshworjee and Sangya Bhauju for informing us about the planned tour.

We had to walk around 600 meters along the sand dunes from the parking area. It was a bright summer day and sand was very hot. Most of us were in slippers and it was a torture to walk on that fried sand.

We enjoyed briefly with waves before having lunch. Although we persuaded her a lot, Aryaa didn't want to step into the sea water. May be she was afraid. She sat silently there watching us having fun.

But she was ready after the lunch and enjoyed sea waves a lot. She even didn't want to come back with us when it was time to leave. That's her nature; new things, new people don't attract her much at the beginning, when she is attracted she doesn't want to leave.
There will be a farewell party for Parameshor jee and Sangya Bhauju this weekend. Then we will shift to a new apt. on the next one. The next next one will have DASHAIN party. So many exciting days ahead for Aryaa:)

Aug 25, 2009

Nettle Rash (Urticaria)

Dense red dots were frequently seen around Aryaa’s neck this summer. We first thought it to be sweat rash but upon close examination it looked different. We then thought it to be due to some allergy or some minor skin disease contracted from other children through swimming pool. It disappeared itself within one or two days. So we didn’t go to the doctor’s.

She seemed quite irritated Wednesday morning. Back from Kindergarten in the evening, she already had mild fever. Dense rash was seen again around her neck and in chest. She ate less than usual. She slept at normal time but woke up after less than two hours. She had very high fever now. Her whole body was very red too. We put ‘cooling sheet’ on her fore head and helped her sleep. She woke up again after around a hour. As the fever was 38.7 ℃, we administered the medicine that we had got from the doctor last time. This bullet shaped oily tablet needs to be administered rectally. We were told to use it only if the fever was more than 38.5 ℃ and maintain 6-8 hours gap between two administrations. It was very difficult, even for two of us, as Aryaa didn’t want it and moved violently.

Normally, she falls asleep 20-30 minutes after administering this medicine and she has a sound sleep for 7-8 hours. Her body temperature decreases gradually and the fever is almost gone by the time she wakes up. But the medicine didn’t work well this time! It was hard to make her sleep again. She started vomiting after 2 in the morning, she vomited 4 times in 2 hours, and everything that was in her stomach must have come out. By then, fever got little bit lower, she drank some water and she fell asleep. She woke up again at 8. She didn’t take breakfast well. The fever was higher than that in the night.

The doctor told that it was due to a disease called Nettle Rash (also known as urticaria). Aryaa stayed home on Thursday and Friday. She was fine enough to go to a party in a friend’s house on Saturday evening. She was running and playing as usual in the program hall on Sunday afternoon too when her mother was dancing and celebrating TEEJ festival with fellow Nepalese women and her father was doing the cameraman duty:)

It turned out to be a small problem but we were worried a lot. Nothing is more painful than seeing your child in pain. You forget even your own pain no matter how severe it is.

You can read more about Nettle Rash in the following links;


Aug 11, 2009

Festival Season: Missing Home

It is now a festival season in Japan. BON festival is one of the most famous festivals in Japan. They celebrate it on the 13-15th of August in this area. These days are not designated as holidays in the calendar but most of the people use their leaves. Trains and buses run on holiday schedule on these days.

BON ODORI (Bon dance) parties are organized in every neighborhood, generally on weekend evenings. As the designated weekends were very rainy, the dance party in our neighborhood was organized on weekdays this year.

These dance parties are really big and interesting events. And Aryaa is very happy in such crowds.

Talking about festivals, a long festival season has started in Nepal too. I always miss home but it is unbearable in this season. I feel so sad and I am even more sadder for Aryaa. In Nepal, she would be enjoying among a crowd of cousins and other relatives. It is almost impossible to give her that intimate environment here, no matter how hard we try.

One more long year to go yet----.

Finally let me share a few of Aryaa's recent photographs.

Her posing style:)

Jul 29, 2009

Hurray! She had some nap----!

We were surprised to read "Aryaa took nap today." in the 'Daily Report Booklet' on Monday. I guess her teachers too must have been surprised. It was after ages that she took a nap! The hardest part of our parenting her till now is make her take a nap in the afternoon. We don't force her now, we don't even try.

Her sleep-habits are same. Despite having no nap, there is no significant change in her sleeping time at night. She falls asleep in between 9:30 and 10:00. She has become an expert on finding some excuses to make her time to bed late. She has to go to toilet although she was there just 10 minutes before or she has to drink water although all she will do is pretend drinking and sip very little----.

When she falls asleep, she sleeps very soundly for 9-10 hours. Her sleep is so sound that during the early days of our parenthood, we would sometimes put our finger in front of her nose just to check whether she was breathing or not. It sounds crazy now but we were really afraid sometimes.

She used to move a lot during sleep especially during the 3rd and 4th hours of her sleep. She still moves but much less. If she gets awakened after around 3 AM, then it is impossible to make her sleep again. This habit of her hasn't gone yet. She does like that once a month. There is no problem; she has taken her dinner well, has drunk milk before bed, has no fever and she is fine but she wakes up this early and prevents us from sleeping too.

Jul 23, 2009

Papa and Mama, please don't come here

This was another 'new' behavior from Aryaa---

She is doing it since last two weeks. When both of her parents are in the kitchen, she enters the room and closes the door. She says, "Mama and Papa, please don't come here, OK?" to us and then starts singing.

We haven't disturbed her much during such 'sessions', which last 10-20 minutes, we don't enter the room unless it's very urgent.

The Japanese words coming out from the room were not intelligible. So I decided to look at what she was doing and listen clearly what she was singing. Yesterday evening, when she was already engrossed in the singing, I opened the kitchen door very slowly, tiptoed to the door to the room she was in and looked inside from a crack.

She had a toy mic and a toy trumpet in her hands and was singing and dancing. "SEKAI NO KODOMOTACHI GA MINNA WARATTARA---"(When all the children of this World smile----), I could discern this line only.

Then I tiptoed back to the kitchen.

They have "Summer Festival" program this weekend in her kindergarten. Her "GUMI" (group) too must be performing a song or dance in that program and rehearsing it every afternoon. She was rehearsing it in home too. But she never told us she was going to rehearse it.

Seems she is learning to demand and maintain her 'privacy':)

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Jul 16, 2009

A 'losing temper' and repenting father

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My experience is telling me that children become more and more rebellious as they grow up. I don't know at what age that stops. This rebellion can become a cause of impatience in parents and things turn bad from that.

Yesterday morning, Aryaa refused to eat breakfast. Nothing was wrong, she didn't have fever or any other problems. Actually, she had already eaten two or three spoonfuls. "I don't want to eat!", she started telling me with some food in her mouth. I persuaded her for a moment. While feeding her in the morning, I am always in a tension, I fear that I will be late to office. I tried to be as gentle as possible to persuade her. Then she started spitting what she had in mouth. My patience ran out and I shouted at her.

She then started crying and I immediately started repenting. I am repenting it till now. I know that I am not an abusive father, but I am not a good one either. I easily lose my temper sometimes and repent it forever.

I sometimes might be demanding more from her than her age.

I managed something else for her. She was still reluctant at first but started eating after a few minutes. I am thankful to the NHK Education Channel for the wonderful 7-8 AM with many interesting programs for kids. Aryaa's current most favorite is an animation (dubbed in Japanese) about a cute small Koala called Penelope. Each part is only 5 minutes but that is enough to cheer up her completely.

Jul 7, 2009

'Discipline' and 'Control': How to differentiate?

I think this is a question of all the parents, not only us.

Aryaa seems to be little bit spoiled after one month stay in Nepal. I think they let her do whatever she wanted to do. They might be thinking that she would feel 'not loved' if tried to control. This was wrong.

She wants same here too and it's a big headache now. We take her to childrens' parks as much as possible but being a too energetic kid, a couple of hours in the park isn't enough for her. She wants to jump and run in the room too. We are afraid that the old couple who live in the apt. below us will come to complain. There was a family with children above us in our previous apartment and we were too irritated by the noise made by children. Aryaa is alone, so noise is less but still enough to irritate the ill couple below, especially when she throws things to the floor or drags something.

She doesn't want to eat by herself now, needs to be fed. She was already very good in eating by herself before going to Nepal. They fed her everyday in home, I guess. I know they are showing love but---. She must be having difficulty in the kindergarten now as all the children of her age are required to eat by themselves.

She now wants to let the tap always open and "wash" her hands as long as she wants. Although water is abundant here, is it good to let her develop such a habit?

Throwing clothes and other things into the floor has become her another hobby. Nothing else can make her happier sometimes!

I know it's not good to say "Don't do this!" and "Don't do that!" to children all the time but what can we do? Sometimes it's necessary for her safety, sometimes we have to be careful about neighbors and sometimes what she wants is impossible.

Controlling children too much is bad, it obstructs their psychological growth but letting them do whatever they want spoils them. Everybody wants their children to be disciplined. So how to differentiate between 'discipline' and 'control'?

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Jun 29, 2009

Enter any house and join the meal

Aryaa and her mom are back from Nepal.

Aryaa liked her stay in Nepal very much. She grew very intimate with family members especially her youngest uncle and aunt. She cried a lot after getting separated from them in the airport in Kathmandu. She wanted her uncle and aunt to come to Japan with her. Sobita says Aryaa’s uncle and aunt too were crying outside.

I can feel that too. I can see the sadness in Aryaa’s face. It’s not that she is not intimate with us but for the time being, she is not happy to be here. She is missing her uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents and all the friends that she made in the village.

We are happy that she can speak some Nepali now. But she has forgotten some of her Japanese; she will have some difficulty in adjusting here again. She was very reluctant to go the kindergarten on her first day after being back.

After seeing her learn this much Nepali in just one month, I don’t have any worry now about what to do after returning back to Nepal permanently. She will be fluent in Nepali within a few months.

I always thought that a joint family is very good for the psychological/emotional development of a child and my belief has strengthened now. Children should have a very intimate relation with father and mother, there is no doubt about that but they also need grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and a lot of friends of their age. So it’s better to provide them with these ‘relations’ as much as possible. Some people fight with their parents and in-laws and stop their children from having any relationship with those people. Such parents are doing a lot of harm to their children; it’s a crime against children.

Even if the joint family is impossible in this so called “busy and modern” lifestyle, children need to grow up in a close-knit community. They should be able to enter any house and join the meal. They should feel being loved in any house and with any person in the community.

Sadly, such communities are getting fewer and fewer.

Let's give our children such an intimate and close-knit community in which they can enter any house and feel being loved.

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Jun 22, 2009

Please enjoy these HUSBAND-WIFE jokes:)

Burning brain

Husband and wife were fighting from early morning.

Husband:Please leave me alone. My brain is 'burning'!
Wife: No wonder, this house smells of burning cow dung!

The tantrum wife

There was once a wife who was very suspicious of her husband. Every evening after the husband came back from work, she would check all his clothes and bags. Anything, even the gifts that the husband brought for her could raise her suspicion and she would yell at her husband "Whom did you buy this for? Who is that bitch---?". Even a small piece of hair was enough, "Who was that bitch in the afternoon--?"

One day, this gentleman 'cleaned' all his clothes and bag very well before entering the house. The wife checked but couldn't find anything. She couldn't even find hairs on his clothes. The husband was very confident that he wouldn't be yelled at.

After waiting for a moment, the wife started, "So now you're cheating on me with a bald woman!"

Happy Home

Every evening, neighbors heard Mulla Nasruddin and his wife Gulshan laughing out very loud. They never heard them fighting. Neighbors thought this very strange.

"Mulla, all of us have fights in our homes. We hear shouting and crying from every house in this neighborhood. But we hear laughter only from your house. Don't you two fight at all?", they once asked Mulla.
"My friends, we too fight. She throws plates, shoes and brooms at me every evening. When she hits me, she laughs and when she can't, I laugh."


Mulla Nasruddin and his wife went to court for divorce.
"How long have you been married?", the judge asked the husband.
"30 years."
"Why do you want divorce?"
"Sir, she hits me. she throws plates, shoes and whatever at me everyday!"
"How long has she been doing this?"
"15 years."
"My friend, you are married for 30 years, you have already endured it for 15 years, why do you need divorce now?"
"Sir, it was OK for 15 years but she has become a 'sharp-shooter' now."

Husband's wish fulfilled

A Fairy Godmother told a married couple: "For being such an exemplary married couple for 35 years, I will give you each a wish".

"I want to travel around the world with my dearest husband" said the wife.

The Fairy moved her magic stick and abracadabra! two tickets appeared in her hands.

Now it was the husband's turn. He thought for a moment and said: "Well this moment is very romantic, but an opportunity like this only occurs once in a lifetime. So.....I'm sorry my love, but my wish is to have a wife 30 years younger than me".

The wife was deeply disappointed, but a wish was a wish. The Fairy made a circle with her magic stick and.....abracadabra!... Suddenly the husband was 90 years old.

And finally, the best definition of a 'Bachelor';

The only man who has never told his wife a lie.

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Jun 14, 2009

Just a short update today

I couldn't decide what to write today but as I have made a promise of updating this blog once a week, I am here with just a short update.

While starting this blog, I hadn't thought of making this blog a 'public' (or whatever word can be given) one. It's not that I wanted to make it 'invited only' but I didn't think of 'marketing' it too. It was to be there only, to be updated once a while. I wanted to read it after a few or many years.

I couldn't write anything for a year. After re-activating it after a year, I wanted to share it as much as possible. Parenting is a great experience, with great joys and great pains, and it is better to share this experience.

I have found that there is a very large and active "Parenting Blogs" community from almost all the countries and communities. It is great to read experiences of these parents. I just feel an intimate bond with them.
Recently, I made some changes in the layout. I want to make it more informative, with links and references and more interactive with some kind of platform for "parenting" discussions etc. I am still working on it.

Lastly, I want to thank you for visiting this blog!

Jun 7, 2009

Children create their own World---

Children create their own World wherever they are or whichever new place they go to.

Aryaa and her mother are in Nepal for a month. And I am living a 'junk food dependent' lonely life:)

Aryaa was very excited to be visiting 'her' NEPA-RU ('Nepal', in Japanese language) but we were worried that it would be difficult for Aryaa to adjust in the new environment, especially due to the language problem. I was just afraid that she would cry all the time and insist her mother to return to Japan immediately.

But it seems that I am still not good at reading child psychology:) She is perfectly happy in the new environment and adapted to it may be more easily than her mother:)

During my frequent calls to Sobita, I can hear Aryaa playing and laughing heartily with other kids.
"How does she speak with other kids? And other kids with her?" I was curious to know.
"It's strange!" Sobita sounded surprised. "Aryaa speaks Japanese and other kids speak Nepalese, but they go along very well." It's interesting!

And she has become very intimate to her BAHINI(cousin sister) who is two years younger than her. Once when I was talking with her mother, I heard Aryaa explaining to her little BAHINI about her beautiful Chopsticks that she took from here!

Her best friend in the village is a girl of her age. I was 'best' friends with the father of this lovely girl in my childhood. A line 'this used to be my playground' came to my mind suddenly. It was 'our' playground once and now a new generation is sowing its dreams there. Well, life is beautiful and that just because of children.

After a couple of weeks in home, Aryaa seems to be learning Nepali too. Understanding others is no problem at all and she has even started speaking many words, according to her mom. She has even started fighting with other kids and protects her toys from others very 'efficiently'.

A fighting kid might not sound a good idea but I am using it in a good sense. Aryaa was too gentle here. When some other kids wanted to play what she was playing, she wouldn't say anything. She would just leave there and find something else for her. She used to 'fight' with us only:) In Japan, it's not a big problem as most of the kids are not aggressive. I was worried that she would suffer in Nepal but she proved me wrong again! She has already learned to defend herself:)

Everything is fine but I am sad as Aryaa is so happy that she doesn't even care much about her poor lonely father here. She doesn't come to the phone much and even if she comes, only talks very briefly, tells me "to come to Nepal" and runs away. Poor me:)

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May 31, 2009

"So late!"

Let me continue basically in the same theme of my last post (I may continue in my next post too).

Talking about having children, let me share you a bad experience. I think many of you may also have had similar experience.

After marriage, we (two) decided to wait a few years before having a child. We thought of having some stability and maturity first. But it didn't seem to be 'our matter' only. After a year, people started talking about our not planning child. Some of them even started suspecting that one (or both) of us must be having some 'problem' and for that we were unable to have a child. Even some of our closest relatives started talking that way. I knew our society sneaks and gossips too much on someone's private life but didn't know it was this much intense.

Our society is obsessed with having child, and that too very early after marriage. I don't think our education has much changed that as some of my very educated friends didn't 'wait'. I think a couple of years without children will be better to create a good bonding between the husband and wife. That is even more necessary in our society where arranged marriage is still the norm and to-be-spouses don't know each other before marriage. Having a child is not a bad thing but with it come all the necessities and tensions too. So it doesn't harm to wait a couple of years and have a good talk between the "two".

We had Aryaa around 5 years after our marriage. For our family, it was "so late!" a relief..

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May 22, 2009

Is second child necessary?

I am back (a little bit drunk) from a party. Our department chief has resigned and the party was for his farewell. But they changed it into a combined 'big' party, adding welcome to the new department chief and new staffs who joined our department this (financial) year, in the same party.

Normally, only the people from the related department gather in such parties but as department chief was leaving, the GM himself and other big stakeholders too were present.

I looked for one of the farthest seats from the GM, it is always dangerous to sit near the 'big' boss:) It was same in University parties too, everybody wanted to be as far from the professor as possible.

But I was late, all the 'best' seats were already occupied and I was near the boss. It still wasn't the most 'dangerous' as there were two vacant seats between me and the boss, waiting for two 'unfortunate' guys:)

As the party started, I saw it was Banno San (Mr. Banno) next to me. I meet him almost every afternoon but we have very brief talks each time. He is around 55 (my guess).

"I heard you have a child. How old?" After getting little bit drunk, Banno San started talking about family.
"3 years." I replied.
"It's the most lovely age--"
"But it's also the most difficult age to care--"
"Boy or girl?"
"Then it's even more lovely--"
"Is that so---?"
We shared another round of drink here.

"What about second child? Any plans--?" Banno san was back again a after a few minutes.
"It's difficult to say. One is enough to make us tired to hell. And there are many other things too to think about---"
"Don't say like that. It's better to give your daughter a friend in your home too." Banno San got serious "It is my experience too. I have two daughters. I think any parents should have at least two children---"
"-------------" I couldn't reply to Banno San here.

It's not only Banno San. My Professor's wife always says to us the same thing every time we meet them. Other intimate friends also say the same.

In weekends and holidays, Aryaa seems suffocated to stay indoors. We take her to children parks as much as we can but it is not possible to be outside the whole day and everyday. So sometimes we too think that a sibling would sure bring her more happiness.

But life is not so easy and 'linear'. There are many things to think about before planning another child.

I sometimes think this problem will not seem so big once we are back to Nepal. We still have a semi-joint family and even if we get separated, we will be living near to each other and children will always have intimate playmates inside the 'family' too.

Personally, after seeing Sobita going through all the pain during pregnancy and delivery, I don't want that to repeat again. I think the right to decide whether to have children or not and when to have belongs to the females only as they are the one who have to bear all the burden.

Hidden beneath all the fun and laughing, this party for me became "Is second child necessary?".

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May 15, 2009

Names, Linear Combination, Random Combination

I had read somewhere that children don't learn words like 'I', 'me' and 'mine' until very late (I forgot the exact age). From my experience I can say that it is true at least until the age of 3. Aryaa still uses 'Aryaa' instead of 'I'. She says "Aryaa wants to drink water" "Aryaa is sleepy" "Aryaa doesn't want to go to kindergarten today" "Aryaa hates milk" etc. I have seen the same with other kids too. The mystic Osho has said that this is the proof that childhood is innocent and selfless.

Anyway, I will certainly write when she starts using words like 'I', 'me' and 'mine'. It's an interesting to observe such things.

I don't remember exactly, it was around six months ago, Aryaa started 'changing' her name. She would give herself a different name each day, mostly that of one of her friends. She would say 'Aryaa is not Aryaa, Aryaa is Yuzuna' or '--Aryaa is Riku' like that. Then after a few days, she started changing her parents' 'names' too; "Aryaa is Erina, Papa is Erina's Papa, Mama is Erina's Mama" like that. You can call this a 'Linear combination':)

Then again after a few days, she started making 'Random Combination' too. In this combination, "Aryaa is Aki, Mama is Chichi's Mama, Papa is Erina's Papa"---. This 'Random Combination' has been continuing till now.

"What did Aryaa do in kindergarten today?" I asked my regular question after reaching home one evening.
"Not Aryaa, it's Maria. Sensei (teacher) calls so." 'Aryaa' while writing in Japanese Katakana becomes 'ARIYA'. Besides 'A' in Katakana (ア) looks like 'Ma'(マ) too. So it is easy to confuse this with Maria, especially for those with exposure to western names only. Later, while there to receive her, I too heard one of Aryaa's teachers calling her Maria.

But three days ago, Aryaa started calling herself 'Mary'. I am not able to guess how she learned this one.

May 8, 2009


'Golden week' is over (it might be continuing for many people). In Japan, the week comprising of last few days of April and first few days of May is called the golden week. Four public holidays fall in this period. Sometimes Saturdays and Sundays fall before and after these holidays and a long vacation period is created. Even if there is no such alignment, like this year, many people use their paid leaves and get vacation longer than a week. It is the travel time for Japanese. They mostly leave for overseas or some scenic spots inside Japan. Some go to their parents' home in villages. Children seem very excited to meet their 'ojiichyan' (grandfather) and 'obaachyan' (grandmother).

It seems that Swine flu terror didn't much deter Japanese from traveling overseas; according to news, only travels to Mexico were affected.

We too had planned a two day travel to a nearby city, but had to cancel it for some reason. So our golden week travel was limited to two half-day visits to a Shinto shrine and a park in Nagoya.

This was our first visit to Atsuta Jingu(Atsuta Shrine). This place holds a very important place in Japanese history. It is believed to be built in the first century. There were a lot of visitors but it still was very peaceful inside. With many big, tall trees, it was like a small dense forest. We couldn't enter through the main entrance of the main Shrine as big construction was going around it. In fact, we even couldn't have the good view of the main Shrine. Temporary arrangements were made for praying.

Helping Aryaa wash her hands before entering the main Shrine premises. This is a very important ritual in Shinto belief, it is for 'purifying' yourself before entering the Shrine.

Hands full with small stones

Collecting yellow and red leaves

Our another 'tour', on May 1, was to a park called "Tsuruma Park". We have already been to there a few times. It used to be one of the most desired venues for Dashain and Nepali New Year programs. We didn't expect Sakura in May but much of the roses and other flowers in the garden there was also gone. A big concert was going on in one of the open concert halls in the park. Burmese people were celebrating their New Year. I didn't know Burmese New Year fell around this time . A large picture of Aung San Su Kyi was gazing down from the wall. A beautiful flower of liberty who has been detained by the cruel military junta for so long, but the fragrance couldn't be detained by the junta, it is guiding Burmese people everywhere.

Aryaa enjoyed the big Children Park there. As this park is at the center of Nagoya, children (and their parents) of all 'colors' were there, creating a true international community.

It was continuous rain after that. To stay confined in home for four days was really suffocating. It's a 'relief' that this rainy GOLDEN WEEK is over:)

May 2, 2009

'New' kindergarten-new no more

A month has already passed since Aryaa joined the new kindergarten. It's no more new. She has blended herself very well into it. She has made many intimate friends and she talks very affectionately of her teachers.

She hasn't forgotten her old kindergarten and old teachers and friends completely yet, she talks about them sometimes, but they are fading fast from her memory. Her talks now have more much more about Honoka-chyan, Aki-chyan, Junpei-kun, Okinaka-sensei and Ochiai-sensei than Riku-kun,Yudai-kun, ChiChi-chyan, Sanda-sensei and Fukui-sensei. Her best friend in the former kindergarten was a boy named Riku. In fact, she was more friends with boys than girls. When asked to tell names of her friends, she would first finish telling boys' names and only then tell girls' names:) From her talks, her best friend in this kindergarten seems to be a girl named Honoka.

This kindergarten is very near from our apartment. It can be seen from kitchen, sound of kids playing can be heard very clearly. I looked towards there many times (I am home today), hoping to have a glimpse of her playing with her friends. Kids from another gumi(group)were there. Her gumi may be listening stories inside or as the day is sunny and warm, may have been taken to a nearby park.

Apr 28, 2009

What Color is Water?

Aryaa’s crayon box was returned from the old kindergarten and her new kindergarten hasn’t yet told us to leave it with them. It was sitting idly for many days. I thought of utilizing it to play with Aryaa in the evening. There are sixteen colors in the box. I had already forgotten names of a few among them:)

I am not good at drawing (and coloring) anything. I even hated the mechanical drawing classes in my first year in University. Aryaa tells me to draw whatever comes into her mind; dragon, cat wit hat, tiger and elephant fighting--- while I have to look at her picture books even to draw very simple pictures.

What I thought this time was to draw, and make her draw too, simple figures like round, triangle and rectangle etc. and let her color them with different colors. She can draw round figure, and she draws triangle and rectangle into round too:) She knows the difference among these shapes but her hand is not balanced yet to draw them differently. I didn’t press her to learn to draw triangles or rectangles. She will learn in time.

She liked coloring and remembered the names of most of these colors. Now-a-days, when she sees something, she first talks about its color, ‘it is green’, ‘it is red’, ‘it is pink'.

Two days ago, we were washing hands.
"What color is water?" she asked pointing to the tap
"Water is water color.” I replied.
"No, this is not water color!” She shouted. Among the 16 colors in the crayon box, one is “water color". I would prefer to call it ‘Sky Blue’ but as it was written “water color” on it, I taught her the same.
"OK, it is not water color---" I wanted to give some ‘color’ to water that was flowing down from the tap, but was unable.

I can teach her to call it “sky blue” from now but I don’t know what they will teach at her kindergarten.

If they too call it “sky blue", I hope Aryaa will believe me that water is 'water color':)

Apr 23, 2009

Parenting is Fun-I

Let me share some (not so) old photos today as I couldn't manage time to write any new article.

Aryaa is six months old in this photo. Look at 'unkempt' me. I 'avoid' shaving on holidays as much as I can, thinking my face too needs 'rest':)

She is one and half years old here. We had just moved to a new apartment. It was after lunch on a Sunday. We were asleep and her mother took this pic.

This must be a year ago, when she had just learned making faces. She was trying to 'frighten' us.

Apr 17, 2009


We are always told to teach Aryaa Nepali (and some English too) by family members in Nepal. They worry that if not done so, it will be difficult for her in school after we go back to Nepal. So two books were sent from home.

She is not yet old enough to start learning to read and write. She enjoys the pictures and asks us about them. Children become familiar with shapes, colors, animals, vegetables etc. at this age. So those books were helpful to make her familiar with Nepali and English words for them. She may not remember all but becoming even a little familiar now will be of use for her later.

In both of these books, a (similar) page is dedicated for Colors. Aryaa enjoyed this colorful page. But this page started giving problems, Aryaa started to call "Yellow" whenever she saw a triangle and "Green" whenever she saw a star shape. This page is intended for teaching different colors to a child but the figures come in different shapes too. So there are two things which attract a child's attention, color and shape. Aryaa seems to be attracted towards shape and not towards color. The writers/publishers may have thought that different colors with different shapes might be more attractive to children but that approach seems wrong. While writing such books, one should be very careful about the psychology and the learning process of children.

If a child is to be taught about different colors, he/she should be shown those colors through the same shape. Similarly, if different shapes are to be taught, those shapes should be in the same color.

One of the picture books she got from her kindergarten is intended for the same purpose, introducing different colors to a child. It is called IRO IRO BOUSHI (So many caps). It uses only one shape, cap, as shown in the picture below. So there is no confusion here.

So we now don't show her the 'confusing' page. I am even thinking of writing a letter to the publisher about this (e-mail address is not provided).

Apr 13, 2009

Entrance Ceremony, Hair Cut etc.

I sometimes wonder why I started this blog when I was already unable to be regular with my first (Nepali) blog!

There was an 'Entrance Ceremony' in Aryaa's new kindergarten on April 3. The program was just like they do in University entrance ceremonies albeit with fewer people and no compulsion of formal dress. It was nice to hear small kids' random funny comments. Some children (a few months old ones too were there among the new 'students') were crying. I admire the patience that these kindergarten teachers have. It is no joke to spend your everyday caring so many children. Just one, that too on off-hours and weekends only makes us tired to hell!

Kids are being welcomed to the kindergarten

Aryaa was shy during the most of the program and left her seat many times to go behind to sit with her mother

We had HANAMI (cherry blossom viewing) plans for the afternoon but it was cold and also started to rain after 11. Next day too was mostly cloudy and cold. So there was no HANAMI this year:)

Aryaa's hair was getting longer. Till now, her mother was trimming it. This time we took her to the barber shop I go to regularly. We were afraid that Aryaa would cry or refuse to sit in the seat but she behaved 'nice'. Most of her girl friends have longer hair and we had thought of letting Aryaa too have long hair. May be no hair cut from now until she becomes old enough and demands it herself.

One kid in her GUMI (group) was in mask for a few days as she had some allergies. After seeing that, Aryaa too wanted a mask! After her non-stop demand, we had to buy one for her. See her with the mask and her 'glass' below. And see the way she is using that mask:)

And below is one of her most favorite hobbies, 'tormenting' her father:)