Jan 20, 2009


Sobu is very busy with her studies, and part-time work in a nearby convenience store. So I am busy with taking care of Aryaa. I too have a full time job but luckily its not much busy and I don't have to work overtime. So I am with Aryaa in the morning and evening of every weekday and 24 hours on most of saturdays, all sundays and holidays.

It is a pretty busy routine we are following since last (almost) two years. Every morning, Sobu goes to her part-time work before 6 and after a few hours of work goes straight to the her University. In between 6 and 7, I shave, wash my head and have breakfast. On designated days, I have to dispose the garbage collected in the room. I wake up Aryaa around 7. It is very hard. She is very reluctant to get out of bed, especially in this cold winter, and cries and becomes angry with me. After taking her to the toilet and helping her wash her hands and face, I put her in front of the television. There are many interesting programs for children in NHK Education channel from 7 in the morning. Aryaa stops crying and enjoys all these programs. I prepare her brekafast, feed her and help her change clothes. I also prepare the 'note' of her activities since last evening; her dinner time, sleep time, breakfast time etc. which is needed to submit to the kindergarten everyday. Towels and aprons (and sometimes extra clothes too) are needed too.

I drop her at her kindergarten and rush to the office. Her mother goes to receive her in the evening but sometimes when she is busy, I have to go.

Life is very busy and stressful thus but we are enjoying these days as Aryaa is growing well and is healthy and active. Every moment with her is so lovely and memorable.


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