Mar 15, 2009


Happy birthday to Aryaa!!!

Aryaa's third birthday was on Friday. I was too tired to write on that night and couldn't manage time till now.
We were in Nepal for Aryaa's first birthday. It was our first visit to Nepal after Aryaa's birth. Aryaa had cold and fever for most of the time of our two weeks stay and she wasn't eating much. It might be the sudden change of the environment/weather, from Nagoya to Kathmandu and after few days to Pokhara. She was looking very weak and pale on her birthday.

It was celebrated with TIKA and incense instead of birthday cake and candles. AMA had made a PUJA (a brief religious ceremony) to pray for Aryaa's health and long life.

Her second birthday last year was celebrated in a Nepali-Indian Restaurant with some of our friends. This year we had a small gathering in our own apartment.

Aryaa enjoyed it very much. She is very happy in group. She was so excited to blow off the candles and cut the cake. She fed cake to all of us, one by one; but she herself doesn't like cakes. She was happy with a chocolate:)

It was a good chance for us too, to talk and laugh heartily. Aryaa was busy with her birthday gifts. She was also talking with us (in Japanese), running here and there showing this and that to her uncles and aunts. She didn't show any irritation to our non-stop talking in Nepali this time.


Bharat said...

Happy Belated Birthday Aryaa.

Basanta Gautam said...

Thank you Bharatjee for your wish! I will convey it to Aryaa:)

poo said...

Basanta dai, does Aryaa speak/understand Nepali?

Basanta Gautam said...

Thank you Poonam for visiting this blog.

Aryaa understands Nepali very little, and doesn't speak at all. It is natural as she spends all of her day time (except holidays) with Japanese kids.

We hope she will learn Nepali fast when we go back. We have seen other kids under similar condition 'forgetting' Japanese very soon and replacing that with Nepali

Anonymous said...

Arya lai Happy Belated Birthday!

Basanta Gautam said...

Thank you Rama!

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