Mar 11, 2009


"KYOU NOUGYOU SENTA ITTAN DA YO!" (We went to agriculture center today!) Aryaa told when I was back to home yesterday evening. I had already read the previous days' message from her teachers, they were taking kids to agriculture center. It must be a farm at the outskirts of Nagoya.

"YAGI MO IMASITA YO!" (There were goats too!)---- She was very happy by seeing goats and other animals.

As all children do, she loves small animals. But what she can normally see are cats and dogs only, that too other people's pets. There are some stray cats too in our neighborhood. We don't have any pets, it is not allowed in the building we live and we wouldn't be able to afford too. There are two rabbits in her kindergarten. Aryaa likes very much to have her palm licked by those lovely rabbits.

A few days back, they were taken to a picnic too, to a nearby park. We were told to prepare Aryaa's BENTOU (lunch box) for that day. Normally, all the kids have their lunch in the kindergarten.

Here is one of the photos from our visit to Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens in October. There is a section in the zoo where some small animals are kept. Children can play with them, feed them grass etc. Aryaa enjoyed playing there. It was very hard to persuade her to leave when the zoo was about to be closed.


Elisheva said...

Looks like they bonded well.Lol!It is good that she is enjoying things around her. My only growing concern about children these days are the electronic games. How is she with gizmos nd gadgets in Japan? :)

Basanta Gautam said...

She is still small for gizmos and gadgets. We will try to 'save' her from those. She is very much interested in picture books and shape-puzzles and doesn't much care about TV. So we will be to 'save' her.

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