Mar 6, 2009

With kid, time flies--

They say time flies. It certainly flies. At least it seems when you look back to your past days.

And time flies faster when you are raising a child. It seems just a moment ago that I was waiting outside the delivery room. I could hear Sobita screaming and was feeling hopeless and bitter that I could do nothing to help her. Then came the tender crying of a new born baby and one of the two lights above the door of the delivery room was switched on, showing the birth of our Aryaa.

I looked towards the sky and thanked God!

I could look her through the glass only; she was kept in the special room for newborns. I could touch her the next day. She was longer (taller) and weighed more than average newborns. Now too, she looks taller than kids of her age. But she looks little bit lean. We were worried and went to consult with doctor once. We were told not to worry as she was healthy and active.

And her third birth day is after a few days.

Three years flew away so fast. It was a beautiful journey with Aryaa, a very rewarding one. You just feel bliss and blessed with child. Our three years were with her completely and for her completely.

Aryaa's kindergarten had this month’s TANJOUKAI(birth day ceremony) a few days back. They have this once a month, when they celebrate birthdays of all the children born in that month.

We got a short letter with a photograph pasted on it from the kindergarten. We had got the similar one last year too. Teachers of Aryaa’s class (group) which is named AHIRU GUMI (Duck group) have written about Aryaa, her health, her behavior etc. They have written that Aryaa likes to do everything in her own pace and doesn’t like to be ordered too much. We have the same feeling. When she doesn’t like something, there is no way we can make her like it. Same is with food, when she doesn’t like some foods; she just ignores and doesn’t look at them at all.

Her height has increased by 11.5 centimeters and weight by 3 kgs since her last birthday. We haven’t measured recently but that was in the letter we received.

Here are the two photos.

Last Year

This Year


Elisheva said...

"They have written that Aryaa likes to do everything in her own pace and doesn’t like to be ordered too much." - Her eyebrows cleary shows that part of her nature :)and it also shows her confidence in herself as a child.Good to see her growing in a healthy atmosphere.

Basanta Gautam said...

Thank you Elisheva! And welcome in this blog.

I didn't know that eyebrows too can indicate someone's nature:)
We just hope she doesn't become stubborn as she grows up.

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