Apr 13, 2009

Entrance Ceremony, Hair Cut etc.

I sometimes wonder why I started this blog when I was already unable to be regular with my first (Nepali) blog!

There was an 'Entrance Ceremony' in Aryaa's new kindergarten on April 3. The program was just like they do in University entrance ceremonies albeit with fewer people and no compulsion of formal dress. It was nice to hear small kids' random funny comments. Some children (a few months old ones too were there among the new 'students') were crying. I admire the patience that these kindergarten teachers have. It is no joke to spend your everyday caring so many children. Just one, that too on off-hours and weekends only makes us tired to hell!

Kids are being welcomed to the kindergarten

Aryaa was shy during the most of the program and left her seat many times to go behind to sit with her mother

We had HANAMI (cherry blossom viewing) plans for the afternoon but it was cold and also started to rain after 11. Next day too was mostly cloudy and cold. So there was no HANAMI this year:)

Aryaa's hair was getting longer. Till now, her mother was trimming it. This time we took her to the barber shop I go to regularly. We were afraid that Aryaa would cry or refuse to sit in the seat but she behaved 'nice'. Most of her girl friends have longer hair and we had thought of letting Aryaa too have long hair. May be no hair cut from now until she becomes old enough and demands it herself.

One kid in her GUMI (group) was in mask for a few days as she had some allergies. After seeing that, Aryaa too wanted a mask! After her non-stop demand, we had to buy one for her. See her with the mask and her 'glass' below. And see the way she is using that mask:)

And below is one of her most favorite hobbies, 'tormenting' her father:)


Elisheva said...

LOL!Like 'The Mask' and her favorite hobby...showering her father with affection. Ah! last but not the least...her fountain hairdo:)

Neeti Aryal Khanal said...

I enjoyed going through your blog. Liked the title, and it is true. I now and then write about my son, but not always. May be I should have a blog for him too hehehhe, all the best for your journey of writing

Basanta Gautam said...

Thank you Elisheva! Well, I have become one of her dolls:)

Thank you Neetijee. Welcome to this blog. I am eager to read your blog about your son.

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