Apr 1, 2009

New Kindergarten

Today is Aryaa's first day in (yet another) new kindergarten. It is the 5th one.

The first one was very near from where we were living at that time. But that was a private one, very expensive. We had to settle for it as other kindergartens we applied for were 'full' and were not accepting new children. Then after one month, one government run kindergarten accepted her. It was little bit far. Another one, which was nearer, accepted her after she spent one month there. She spent 5 months in this 3rd one and we shifted to Nagoya. Here again, the nearby kindergartens were 'full'. She spent 17 months in the fourth one.

The new one is very near, 100 m. from our home. We had applied for it last year too. It is very convenient and saves our time. Besides, Aryaa can be woken up little bit later than we were doing till now.

She will be in SAKURA GUMI (Sakura Group) and her 'mark' will be TENTOU MUSHI (ladybird beetle.)

New environment makes everybody little uneasy, it's more so for children. Aryaa was very intimate with her friends and teachers in the previous kindergarten. So first few days might be shock for her.

But children adapt to new environment very soon too. So we will soon be hearing about her friends and teachers every evening.


Ashish Lohorung Rai said...

ramro chha basanta dai keep it up....

Basanta Gautam said...

Thank you Ashish!

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