Apr 28, 2009

What Color is Water?

Aryaa’s crayon box was returned from the old kindergarten and her new kindergarten hasn’t yet told us to leave it with them. It was sitting idly for many days. I thought of utilizing it to play with Aryaa in the evening. There are sixteen colors in the box. I had already forgotten names of a few among them:)

I am not good at drawing (and coloring) anything. I even hated the mechanical drawing classes in my first year in University. Aryaa tells me to draw whatever comes into her mind; dragon, cat wit hat, tiger and elephant fighting--- while I have to look at her picture books even to draw very simple pictures.

What I thought this time was to draw, and make her draw too, simple figures like round, triangle and rectangle etc. and let her color them with different colors. She can draw round figure, and she draws triangle and rectangle into round too:) She knows the difference among these shapes but her hand is not balanced yet to draw them differently. I didn’t press her to learn to draw triangles or rectangles. She will learn in time.

She liked coloring and remembered the names of most of these colors. Now-a-days, when she sees something, she first talks about its color, ‘it is green’, ‘it is red’, ‘it is pink'.

Two days ago, we were washing hands.
"What color is water?" she asked pointing to the tap
"Water is water color.” I replied.
"No, this is not water color!” She shouted. Among the 16 colors in the crayon box, one is “water color". I would prefer to call it ‘Sky Blue’ but as it was written “water color” on it, I taught her the same.
"OK, it is not water color---" I wanted to give some ‘color’ to water that was flowing down from the tap, but was unable.

I can teach her to call it “sky blue” from now but I don’t know what they will teach at her kindergarten.

If they too call it “sky blue", I hope Aryaa will believe me that water is 'water color':)


Neeti Aryal Khanal said...

Interesting, I am always faced by dillema of how to say ' I don't know' to my son's questions, which are sometimes very bizarre

Basanta Gautam said...

Thank you Neetijee!

Yes, it's always very painful when we have to say "I don't know!". But what can we do? We have our limitations. It is better than saying something wrong.

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