May 15, 2009

Names, Linear Combination, Random Combination

I had read somewhere that children don't learn words like 'I', 'me' and 'mine' until very late (I forgot the exact age). From my experience I can say that it is true at least until the age of 3. Aryaa still uses 'Aryaa' instead of 'I'. She says "Aryaa wants to drink water" "Aryaa is sleepy" "Aryaa doesn't want to go to kindergarten today" "Aryaa hates milk" etc. I have seen the same with other kids too. The mystic Osho has said that this is the proof that childhood is innocent and selfless.

Anyway, I will certainly write when she starts using words like 'I', 'me' and 'mine'. It's an interesting to observe such things.

I don't remember exactly, it was around six months ago, Aryaa started 'changing' her name. She would give herself a different name each day, mostly that of one of her friends. She would say 'Aryaa is not Aryaa, Aryaa is Yuzuna' or '--Aryaa is Riku' like that. Then after a few days, she started changing her parents' 'names' too; "Aryaa is Erina, Papa is Erina's Papa, Mama is Erina's Mama" like that. You can call this a 'Linear combination':)

Then again after a few days, she started making 'Random Combination' too. In this combination, "Aryaa is Aki, Mama is Chichi's Mama, Papa is Erina's Papa"---. This 'Random Combination' has been continuing till now.

"What did Aryaa do in kindergarten today?" I asked my regular question after reaching home one evening.
"Not Aryaa, it's Maria. Sensei (teacher) calls so." 'Aryaa' while writing in Japanese Katakana becomes 'ARIYA'. Besides 'A' in Katakana (ア) looks like 'Ma'(マ) too. So it is easy to confuse this with Maria, especially for those with exposure to western names only. Later, while there to receive her, I too heard one of Aryaa's teachers calling her Maria.

But three days ago, Aryaa started calling herself 'Mary'. I am not able to guess how she learned this one.


Neeti Aryal Khanal said...

Ineresting post. Lately, I notice shubham has started to speak in first voice when we wants to compare something like ' this is mine, not yours' and so on. I read it somewhere that it is because children associate themselves with their parents intimately that they do not seperate themselves as individuals, later they start to see the distinction.

loved reading over arya's desire to give her a different name. That's a great sign creativity. Surely, following her parent's footsteps.

Basanta said...

Thank you Neetijee for your insightful comment!
(And please don't flatter us. We just wish that we could be more creative.)

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