May 2, 2009

'New' kindergarten-new no more

A month has already passed since Aryaa joined the new kindergarten. It's no more new. She has blended herself very well into it. She has made many intimate friends and she talks very affectionately of her teachers.

She hasn't forgotten her old kindergarten and old teachers and friends completely yet, she talks about them sometimes, but they are fading fast from her memory. Her talks now have more much more about Honoka-chyan, Aki-chyan, Junpei-kun, Okinaka-sensei and Ochiai-sensei than Riku-kun,Yudai-kun, ChiChi-chyan, Sanda-sensei and Fukui-sensei. Her best friend in the former kindergarten was a boy named Riku. In fact, she was more friends with boys than girls. When asked to tell names of her friends, she would first finish telling boys' names and only then tell girls' names:) From her talks, her best friend in this kindergarten seems to be a girl named Honoka.

This kindergarten is very near from our apartment. It can be seen from kitchen, sound of kids playing can be heard very clearly. I looked towards there many times (I am home today), hoping to have a glimpse of her playing with her friends. Kids from another gumi(group)were there. Her gumi may be listening stories inside or as the day is sunny and warm, may have been taken to a nearby park.


Sujan Sharma said...

Interesting Basanta Ji !!

Basanta said...

Thank you Bhauju! Welcome to this blog!

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