Jun 7, 2009

Children create their own World---

Children create their own World wherever they are or whichever new place they go to.

Aryaa and her mother are in Nepal for a month. And I am living a 'junk food dependent' lonely life:)

Aryaa was very excited to be visiting 'her' NEPA-RU ('Nepal', in Japanese language) but we were worried that it would be difficult for Aryaa to adjust in the new environment, especially due to the language problem. I was just afraid that she would cry all the time and insist her mother to return to Japan immediately.

But it seems that I am still not good at reading child psychology:) She is perfectly happy in the new environment and adapted to it may be more easily than her mother:)

During my frequent calls to Sobita, I can hear Aryaa playing and laughing heartily with other kids.
"How does she speak with other kids? And other kids with her?" I was curious to know.
"It's strange!" Sobita sounded surprised. "Aryaa speaks Japanese and other kids speak Nepalese, but they go along very well." It's interesting!

And she has become very intimate to her BAHINI(cousin sister) who is two years younger than her. Once when I was talking with her mother, I heard Aryaa explaining to her little BAHINI about her beautiful Chopsticks that she took from here!

Her best friend in the village is a girl of her age. I was 'best' friends with the father of this lovely girl in my childhood. A line 'this used to be my playground' came to my mind suddenly. It was 'our' playground once and now a new generation is sowing its dreams there. Well, life is beautiful and that just because of children.

After a couple of weeks in home, Aryaa seems to be learning Nepali too. Understanding others is no problem at all and she has even started speaking many words, according to her mom. She has even started fighting with other kids and protects her toys from others very 'efficiently'.

A fighting kid might not sound a good idea but I am using it in a good sense. Aryaa was too gentle here. When some other kids wanted to play what she was playing, she wouldn't say anything. She would just leave there and find something else for her. She used to 'fight' with us only:) In Japan, it's not a big problem as most of the kids are not aggressive. I was worried that she would suffer in Nepal but she proved me wrong again! She has already learned to defend herself:)

Everything is fine but I am sad as Aryaa is so happy that she doesn't even care much about her poor lonely father here. She doesn't come to the phone much and even if she comes, only talks very briefly, tells me "to come to Nepal" and runs away. Poor me:)

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Prabesh Poudel said...

he he !!! poor our basanta dai !!

Neeti Aryal Khanal said...

glad to hear that araya is adjusting well. You must be missing your wife and arya so much. about 'aggresiveness', my son has same style. He always lets others to have what they want to have. I am afraid he would turn out to be too sojho, which is not good in today's world. Lets see how he adjusts when he goes back to nepal in august.

Hamro Chemistry said...
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Basanta said...

Thank you all!

Prabesh Bhai, you will know that after becoming a father:)

Neetijee, we had the similar fear but it seems children learn to defend themselves very fast. So I think Shubham will not remain too SOJHO after he is back.

poo said...

Basanta dai, doesn't Aryaa understand Nepali?? Or is it that she isn't just very good at speaking it?
And yes, I agree... children get along so well no matter they know or understand each other well. It seems they speak their own language - the language of innocence, inquisitiveness and sense of wonder.

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