Jul 16, 2009

A 'losing temper' and repenting father

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My experience is telling me that children become more and more rebellious as they grow up. I don't know at what age that stops. This rebellion can become a cause of impatience in parents and things turn bad from that.

Yesterday morning, Aryaa refused to eat breakfast. Nothing was wrong, she didn't have fever or any other problems. Actually, she had already eaten two or three spoonfuls. "I don't want to eat!", she started telling me with some food in her mouth. I persuaded her for a moment. While feeding her in the morning, I am always in a tension, I fear that I will be late to office. I tried to be as gentle as possible to persuade her. Then she started spitting what she had in mouth. My patience ran out and I shouted at her.

She then started crying and I immediately started repenting. I am repenting it till now. I know that I am not an abusive father, but I am not a good one either. I easily lose my temper sometimes and repent it forever.

I sometimes might be demanding more from her than her age.

I managed something else for her. She was still reluctant at first but started eating after a few minutes. I am thankful to the NHK Education Channel for the wonderful 7-8 AM with many interesting programs for kids. Aryaa's current most favorite is an animation (dubbed in Japanese) about a cute small Koala called Penelope. Each part is only 5 minutes but that is enough to cheer up her completely.


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