Jul 23, 2009

Papa and Mama, please don't come here

This was another 'new' behavior from Aryaa---

She is doing it since last two weeks. When both of her parents are in the kitchen, she enters the room and closes the door. She says, "Mama and Papa, please don't come here, OK?" to us and then starts singing.

We haven't disturbed her much during such 'sessions', which last 10-20 minutes, we don't enter the room unless it's very urgent.

The Japanese words coming out from the room were not intelligible. So I decided to look at what she was doing and listen clearly what she was singing. Yesterday evening, when she was already engrossed in the singing, I opened the kitchen door very slowly, tiptoed to the door to the room she was in and looked inside from a crack.

She had a toy mic and a toy trumpet in her hands and was singing and dancing. "SEKAI NO KODOMOTACHI GA MINNA WARATTARA---"(When all the children of this World smile----), I could discern this line only.

Then I tiptoed back to the kitchen.

They have "Summer Festival" program this weekend in her kindergarten. Her "GUMI" (group) too must be performing a song or dance in that program and rehearsing it every afternoon. She was rehearsing it in home too. But she never told us she was going to rehearse it.

Seems she is learning to demand and maintain her 'privacy':)

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कैलाश said...

Wow! It's really nice to read this piece of experiences of both of you (Aryaa and parents). Sweet and short.

Basanta said...

Thank you Kailashjee for visiting this blog and commenting!

Anonymous said...

chhori ko gana ko Line ta excellent chha ni Basanta jee.. :) Nepal farkera kehi garchhin jasto chha chhori le.. he he..


Basanta said...

Thank you Achyutjee! Lets hope she can grow into a successful adult.

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