Aug 11, 2009

Festival Season: Missing Home

It is now a festival season in Japan. BON festival is one of the most famous festivals in Japan. They celebrate it on the 13-15th of August in this area. These days are not designated as holidays in the calendar but most of the people use their leaves. Trains and buses run on holiday schedule on these days.

BON ODORI (Bon dance) parties are organized in every neighborhood, generally on weekend evenings. As the designated weekends were very rainy, the dance party in our neighborhood was organized on weekdays this year.

These dance parties are really big and interesting events. And Aryaa is very happy in such crowds.

Talking about festivals, a long festival season has started in Nepal too. I always miss home but it is unbearable in this season. I feel so sad and I am even more sadder for Aryaa. In Nepal, she would be enjoying among a crowd of cousins and other relatives. It is almost impossible to give her that intimate environment here, no matter how hard we try.

One more long year to go yet----.

Finally let me share a few of Aryaa's recent photographs.

Her posing style:)



Thanks for the lovely photographs of Aryaa! I can understand your feeling of loneliness and your concerns for Aryaa. At times, our dear ones have to carry the burden of 'our' dreams!

Mukta said...

lovely photographs..

Sujan Sharma said...

Lovely picture of Aryaa.God bless her!!

Basanta said...

Thank you Deependrajee, Muktajee and sujanjee!

Deependrajee, you have really caught the dilemma in one sentence,"At times, our dear ones have to carry the burden of 'our' dreams!". Nothing can be truer than this!

Manyu said...

lovely pictures... A very good blog... I was just wondering... What Happens when she grows older?

Basanta said...

Thank you Manyu!
I too have that kind of thought when I see any child. I just wish all of them can grow into successful and happy adults.
We will do whatever possible from our side for Aryaa. We hope and pray for the good.

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