Aug 25, 2009

Nettle Rash (Urticaria)

Dense red dots were frequently seen around Aryaa’s neck this summer. We first thought it to be sweat rash but upon close examination it looked different. We then thought it to be due to some allergy or some minor skin disease contracted from other children through swimming pool. It disappeared itself within one or two days. So we didn’t go to the doctor’s.

She seemed quite irritated Wednesday morning. Back from Kindergarten in the evening, she already had mild fever. Dense rash was seen again around her neck and in chest. She ate less than usual. She slept at normal time but woke up after less than two hours. She had very high fever now. Her whole body was very red too. We put ‘cooling sheet’ on her fore head and helped her sleep. She woke up again after around a hour. As the fever was 38.7 ℃, we administered the medicine that we had got from the doctor last time. This bullet shaped oily tablet needs to be administered rectally. We were told to use it only if the fever was more than 38.5 ℃ and maintain 6-8 hours gap between two administrations. It was very difficult, even for two of us, as Aryaa didn’t want it and moved violently.

Normally, she falls asleep 20-30 minutes after administering this medicine and she has a sound sleep for 7-8 hours. Her body temperature decreases gradually and the fever is almost gone by the time she wakes up. But the medicine didn’t work well this time! It was hard to make her sleep again. She started vomiting after 2 in the morning, she vomited 4 times in 2 hours, and everything that was in her stomach must have come out. By then, fever got little bit lower, she drank some water and she fell asleep. She woke up again at 8. She didn’t take breakfast well. The fever was higher than that in the night.

The doctor told that it was due to a disease called Nettle Rash (also known as urticaria). Aryaa stayed home on Thursday and Friday. She was fine enough to go to a party in a friend’s house on Saturday evening. She was running and playing as usual in the program hall on Sunday afternoon too when her mother was dancing and celebrating TEEJ festival with fellow Nepalese women and her father was doing the cameraman duty:)

It turned out to be a small problem but we were worried a lot. Nothing is more painful than seeing your child in pain. You forget even your own pain no matter how severe it is.

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