Sep 10, 2009

Here and There

Aryaa is happier these days as she is taken to some new places/events every weekend. 

We took her to Nagoya Castle a few weeks back. We two had already been there, this time it was especially for Aryya. We were afraid that it may not interest Aryaa as it's a historical museum. But she enjoyed the place very much. She was also thrilled to see the surrounding area from the top floor. There were a lot of other children too. I have posted a couple of photographs of that day in my previous post.

We also watched a 3-D movie of about 30 minutes about the castle. Aryaa was afraid at first but started enjoying soon. It was the first 3-D movie for her parents too.

Then there was TEEJ, a traditional Nepali festival dedicated to women. Aryaa enjoyed the crowd and Ahina's company.

Ahina and Aryaa in their own world

We had a chance to go to Nakatajima Beach on August 30. It lies in Hamamatu city, around 3 hrs driving distance from Nagoya. This windy beach with very strong waves is not for swimming.

Thanks a lot to Yamashita san, a Japanese volunteer who took us there and Parameshworjee and Sangya Bhauju for informing us about the planned tour.

We had to walk around 600 meters along the sand dunes from the parking area. It was a bright summer day and sand was very hot. Most of us were in slippers and it was a torture to walk on that fried sand.

We enjoyed briefly with waves before having lunch. Although we persuaded her a lot, Aryaa didn't want to step into the sea water. May be she was afraid. She sat silently there watching us having fun.

But she was ready after the lunch and enjoyed sea waves a lot. She even didn't want to come back with us when it was time to leave. That's her nature; new things, new people don't attract her much at the beginning, when she is attracted she doesn't want to leave.
There will be a farewell party for Parameshor jee and Sangya Bhauju this weekend. Then we will shift to a new apt. on the next one. The next next one will have DASHAIN party. So many exciting days ahead for Aryaa:)


DYC-Program said...

its really nice to see our baby smile..
the feeling when at last of every trip,hearing saying ... 'You are the best papa or mom in this WORLD' its totally amazing and out of this world.

Basanta said...

Thank you DYC-Program!

shail said...

She is sure enjoying the sea! :) Lovely pictures.

Basanta said...

Thank you Shail! She enjoyed the sea very much.

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