Sep 24, 2009

Where was Aryaa-chyan before----?

Aryaa asks a lot of questions these days. All children are very curios and when they reach this age and gain some grasp in language there is an explosion of questions.

Aryaa's kindergarten was closed due to some public holidays and Aryaa was home with her mother for last few days. This is the 'story' her mother told me yesterday evening.

She asks so many strange questions these days. I was arranging the things and she was playing in the other room.

"Mama loves Aryaa-chyan?" She suddenly came to me and asked. She seemed very serious.
"Yes of course, dear!"
"Where was Aryaa-chyan when Aryaa-chyan was small?"
"With Papa and Mama."
"Ehh---, Aryaa-chyan was with Papa and Mama in birth too?"
"Where was Aryaa-chyan before that?"
"Hmm----Well, in Mama's womb." I answered pointing to my stomach. She doesn't know the difference between stomach and womb, I am sure.  The same word ONAKA is used for both in spoken Japanese.
"Ehh---! How did Aryaa-chyan went there?" She was surprised. I was surprised even more with her question and couldn't think what to answer.
"Papa, Mama loved Aryaa-chyan very much." She started answering herself. "So prayed to God and God put Aryaa-chyan in Mama's stomach."

I was relieved but surprised with her answer. Aryaa then went back to the room and continued her play.

We both don't remember explaining to her like that. Her teachers in kindergarten may have said or  she may have assembled the answer totally herself. We have mentioned God many times when we are totally unable to answer her questions. 

She will know the correct answer for her question when she becomes an adult. But isn't her answer already the 'most correct' one?

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absoulutely right! i enjoyed it.

Bishnu said...


prem said...

BLOG is very intresting , In nepali wording "chyan" voice also asked to parent a question but could not reply , Child is the futureage parent is presentage both are unable the answer but try to fullfill everything in his life.

Basanta said...

Thank you all for reading and commenting!

DYC-Program said...

Good one man... its really cute experience to read such blog.. it was pretty interesting...

Basanta said...

Thank you DYC-Program for coming to my blog and commenting! I feel encouraged.

sangeeta said...

very interesting..... thanks for shearing..

Basanta said...

Thank you Sangeetajee! You are welcome in this blog!

archana said...

good answer bansata jee, i give you 101 out of 100. my dad / mom used to say "timi lai bato ma bhettayera lyayeko ni" atleast aryaa is straight from god. :)

Basanta said...

Thank you Archana!
Hahaha, yeah she is straight from god:)

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