Oct 21, 2009

Good Schooling Alone Is Not Enough

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Understand Early Childhood Education - Good Schooling Alone Is Not Enough

The most important reason why school education is insufficient is that, by the time a child reaches schooling age, it is already too late to start the child’s education. The best time for parents to actively start educating a child is before the child reaches the age of three years. To understand why early childhood education is needed, we need to know how the human brain develops during this period.

The importance of preschool activities

When a child is born, its brain is not fully developed. Till the age of three it can be made to grow at a rapid rate because the dendrites become functional during this period. Dendrites are parts of the neuron that receive messages in the form of electronic impulses from other nerve cells. A portion of the dendrites that are formed are lost if the brain does not receive enough stimulation. The only way to preserve these dendrites is to generate electrical impulses in the brain by offering it external stimulation.

Dr. Rima Shore points out that "Early interactions don't just create a context; they directly affect the way the brain is 'wired'". This implies that if the child is given proper attention at the pre kindergarten stage s/he will become a good learner and thus always remain ahead of others. The best way to stimulate the development of the child’s brain is to impart a skill like reading. This skill will give the child an added edge because it will allow the child to start learning more complex things when its peers are struggling with reading lessons. Did you know that a child spends 17,500 waking hours at home before s/he starts kindergarten?

One size does not fit all

School education also does not prove profitable to children who are endowed with interpersonal, naturalistic, musical, visual-spatial, and intrapersonal intelligences because mainstream schools mostly focus on verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, and bodily-kinesthetic intelligences.

We must also note that children spend only a fraction of their time in school. If parents do not enhance the education that they receive in school with adequate home education resources, the child will fall behind others in a highly competitive world.

What can be an effective home-education material – Interactive Books

When we talk about education, books are the imperative tools for imparting knowledge. But with the advancement of technology, they are no longer confined within paper covers. Books are now read on screen supported by attractive and interactive animations. These interactive books are a great way of inculcating the habit of reading and learning in children.

Interactive books for kids enable learners to interact with the characters, thereby making the reading process even more engrossing. Books for toddler are made interactive with animated gestures, special effects, and sounds. When children listen to fictional characters narrating the story, the experience becomes more enjoyable. Moreover, moving images appeal more to the tender senses than the static illustrations in a book.

Some of the interactive books even invite the young minds to contribute their imagination in order to carry forward the story line. This unique process gives children the desired scope to unfurl their imagination and creativity.

Advantages of interactive books:

• Interactive books give readers the opportunity to take part in the story line by changing the plot as per his/ her decision. Thus interactive reading can hone the decision making skills in children.
• Interactive books come with multimedia facilities of animated sound, actions, and special effects. This makes reading a richer and more captivating experience.
• More than just reading, listening to stories helps children learn new words and also perfect their pronunciations.
• When kids read books online or through CDs and DVDs, they automatically become well acquainted with the basic functioning of a computer.

In the multimedia generation, interactive books can be the latest and most suitable option as far as developing your child’s reading habits are concerned. It is capable of imparting a multi-faceted learning experience even as a part of the home education curriculum. As you browse the Internet, you can find a plethora of sites offering interactive books. So find a suitable one for your kid and watch how reading can become truly interactive and educative!

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