Oct 2, 2009

The Great 'Why----?' Explosion

The great explosion of childhood curiosity and questions.

"Papa, why wiping head?"
"Because it's wet. It's ----"
"Why is it wet?"
"It's raining outside, I -----"
"Why is it raining?"
"Hmmm---, it's cloudy outside, a lot of black clouds---"
"Why cloudy? Why a lot of black clouds?---"
"Well, Hmmmm------, because it's not sunny."
"Why not sunny?"
"Sun is not out today."
"Why Sun not out today?"
"Why?----Answer!" She starts crying.
"Wait, wait! Papa is thinking. Well, because Sun wants rest today."
"Why Sun wants rest?"
"Because Sun is tired."
"Ehhh, Sun is tired?"
"Yes, Sun is tired."
"Hmmm, because Sun comes out everyday and runs a lot in the sky. When Aryaa-chyan runs a lot, Aryaa-chyan too gets tired. Isn't it?"
"Yes. Aryaa-chyan is tired today. Aryaa-chyan ran a lot with Honoka-chyan."
Thanks God! I feel relief now! There was a turning point and I got freed from this endless seeming chain of questions.

But this doesn't always happen. She continues asking until we reach a real dead end. "Why? Answer!" She keeps on saying. If we say "--- don't know." she will again ask "Why?". We try hard not to be irritated but sometimes there is no other answer than saying like "That is that because  that is that." and quickly change the subject. Sometimes we need to bring "God" in between to satisfy her curiosity. Well, she hasn't started questioning 'God' yet. We are going to have real trouble after she starts that too ::)

Sometimes her questions come from nowhere. One example is my last post. Here is another short conversation between us when I was reading picture books for her before sleeping.

"What does God do?" She asked suddenly.
"God lives so high in the sky. What does God do?", She made her question 'more detailed' while I was thinking for a good answer. She already knows that God lives up in the sky, God talks from sky to a young boy in one of her picture books.  
"Hmmm---, from that up, he watches what everybody is doing and----"
"Ehhh, SUGOII NE (amazing---)!" She interrupted me and then continued to listen what I was reading.

It feels wonderful to be a a part of her curiosity, her innocent quest to know this mystery called life. By trying to answer her questions, I feel that answers to many of my own questions are nearing.

I wish I could stay and listen and try to answer all of her beautiful innocent questions. I wish I had enough time to record all of our conversations with her and put here.

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N K M said...

Let the quest begin!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the nice post, man!

parenting course said...

its really irritating but it always be fun to answer those questions...
i regularly interact with such situation with my nephew

Basanta said...

Thank you NKM, Anonymous and Parenting Course for your kind comments!

shail said...

Awww how cute. I remember all those 'Why??' days even now after all these years. But now it is my turn to ask my grown up kids all the why-s and what-s and drive them nuts!! ;)

Basanta said...

Ha ha ha! Is that so? But still a long way to go before my turn comes:)

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