Oct 14, 2009

"Laugh--!" and "Don't Laugh---!"

Well, Aryaa sometimes behaves like a 'dictator':)

It was a evening a few days back. Her mother had classes until late in the evening. I was cooking and Aryaa was playing with her writing board. She was talking mostly to herself and was sometimes saying "isn't it?--" to me too. "Yes, it is." I was replying her without looking at her.

She laughed suddenly with herself, I don't know what made her laugh.

"PAPA! WARATTE! (Papa, laugh!)" she then ordered me.
"Why Laugh?", I was tired and wasn't in the mood to 'laugh'.
"Aryaa-chyan funny, so!"
"OK then, hi hi hi-----" I make a barely audible grin.
"CHIGAU! CHYANTO WARATTE! (Not like that! Laugh well!)" she threatens me:)
"HA HA HA-----!" so I make a LOL. This makes her content and she continues her 'gibberish'.

And some days back again. It was dinner time. She wanted ice-cream at the middle of the dinner, we told her 'to be a good girl and finish her lunch' first. So she was pretty unhappy. She suddenly pushed her mother's hand, and chopsticks fell to the ground.
"What are you doing---?" her mother shouted at her.
"Aryaa, that's not good girl---." I added.
Aryaa then started crying.
"Don't scold---! See! I have tears----."
We looked at her, there was no tears.
"Ha ha ha! No tears in your eyes--!" I started laughing.
"WARAWANAIDE! WARAIKOTO JIANAI! (Don't laugh! It's not funny!)" She shouted at me. This made me laugh even louder! I had to go to another room for a while to 'pacify' her.

It's a great fun to be with a 'dictator' as long as the 'dictator' is a sweet, cute little one:)

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shail said...

She wants you to laugh when you don't want to and doesn't want you to laugh when you want to!! The little dictator has you wound round her little finger and its my guess you are enjoying it! :)

Basanta said...

Thank you Shail! You are welcome to this blog!

Yeah, I am enjoying the orders of the little dictator very much:) Its a great fun to 'obey' and sometimes 'fight with' her.

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