Nov 21, 2009

Strawberry flavored Puppa----

I was late to come back on Thursday evening.

Sobita opened the door. Usually Aryaa too would come running but  today she was already in bed. She wasn't asleep yet though, she was looking at pictures in her story-books.

I went straight to the door of the bed room and said, "Aryaa, see, Papa is back." She didn't care.
"Aryaa, Papa is back. See---" I repeated but she was still engrossed in the pictures. It was too painful to me:)
"Aryaa, see, Papa wants a sweeeee---t Puppa from Aryaa. Won't you come here? --- OK then I am going to bathroom---"
"MATTE! MATTE! (wait! wait!)", with this 'threat' of mine, she came towards me and kissed me on cheek.
"Woww, it's so tasty! What is the flavor today?" I asked after kissing her back.
"BUDOU AJI DA YO! (it's grape flavor!)" she replied.
"ARIGATOU! Papa wants one more Puppa, this time the strawberry flavored one."
"OK!" she kissed in my another cheek and went back to bed. The father inside me too was content enough now to face bravely the rare lonely dinner.
These 'flavored Puppa's are the result of those countless lovely mother-daughter cuddling. Each cuddling results in a couple of new flavors:) Almost all of the fruits are already used to flavor kisses and I wonder what will come after fruits:)

By the way, it's also interesting to watch those mother-daughter arguments and 'fights' but that's another story for another time.

Nov 13, 2009

And Papa is ----

Aryaa has a 3 persons world, a child, mother and father. I knew that "home" is the first world for any child but hadn't even imagined that it has such a strong influence in a child's definition of world. Her home has "3" persons and she now defines everthing in "3 persons". When she sees a child in street, she asks us about the child's Papa and Mama, when we start telling her a story "Once there was this small rabbit---" she immediately asks, "---rabbit's Papa and Mama?" . She sometimes even asks us whether the the drifting cloud or a tree too have Papa and Mama. I think children who live in a joint family may imagine more members.

This might only be the coincidence but stories in most of her picture-books too have 3 main characters. So she assigns different roles for us 3. Her most favorite is one which has a story about NINJIN (carrot), DAIKON (radish) and GOBO (burdock root).

These three guys, NINJIN, DAIKON and GOBO were living together. All of them were white then. One day, they played all day in mud and dirtied their body. They thought of taking a bath (OFURO NI HAIRU) and started preparing the FURO (Japanese hot bath)

Almost every household in Japan has this FURO (hot bath). Entering FURO in the late evening or before sleeping is a daily ritual in Japan. Public FUROs are called ONSEN (hot spring).

So they prepared and it was NINJIN who entered the bathroom first. She took a shower and entered FURO.
"Achhhhhhhhhh---! It's too hot----!" But she tolerated it and stayed inside.

When she came out after 25 minutes, her skin was very red.

In our home, it's Aryaa who enters first. When she was smaller, she would be in the lap of one of us but nowadays she moves a lot inside and has also collected a lot of toys which she can enjoy there with. So we wait outside. She loves to stay there for a long time, in temperature 1 or 2 degrees higher than that for me.

So Aryaa is NINJIN.

Then it was DAIKON's turn. She took shower and was about to enter FURO. "Oh, this is too hot----", she added some cold water.
"Ahh---, it's so comfortable----" She stayed inside for a long time. When she came out, she was white as before.

In our home, Mama enters FURO after Aryaa. So Mama is DAIKON.

Then comes our GOBO. "I hate FURO!!!" he just takes a quick shower and comes out.

So GOBO is still dirty.

I too hate FURO:), I just feel suffocated in hot water. So I either don't enter at all or come out too soon. Even for shower, I prefer it at morning, after coming back from walk.

So Papa is GOBO.

But let me make this clear to you, I am not 'dirty' like our dear GOBO in Aryaa's story book. I am a little bit darker than Aryaa and her mom but as you know 'dark' is different from 'dirty':))

Nov 4, 2009

Fish on Papa's back---

"Papa had fish on back. Why?" Aryaa asked me immediately after getting up one morning.
"Fish on my back! No---! What are you Saying?"
"Papa had fish on back. It was stuck there. Mama pulled it and threw away." She made it more detailed. She seemed little bit frustrated that I didn't 'agree' with her.

Now I understood, or at least I could make a guess. She might be dreaming something like that and taking it for real. It happens often with small kids. I remember a few similar incidents with my youngest siblings.

Aryaa's this dream must be because of a program that we were watching in TV the previous evening. The program was about "Deadliest Animals of Earth". One among the deadliest animals was a small blind fish which can enter human body by biting and making its way inside. It was shown with an animation, Aryaa too saw it and she was saying "KUWAAI!(Scary!)". She had fell asleep in my lap while watching this program.

Normally, we are careful not to let her watch anything violent on TV, but forgot to change the channel this time. The program was interesting enough to make us 'careless':). Besides that, we let Aryaa watch this as she is very happy to watch about animals. She had enjoyed most of what she watched before falling asleep.

We will be more careful from now.