Nov 13, 2009

And Papa is ----

Aryaa has a 3 persons world, a child, mother and father. I knew that "home" is the first world for any child but hadn't even imagined that it has such a strong influence in a child's definition of world. Her home has "3" persons and she now defines everthing in "3 persons". When she sees a child in street, she asks us about the child's Papa and Mama, when we start telling her a story "Once there was this small rabbit---" she immediately asks, "---rabbit's Papa and Mama?" . She sometimes even asks us whether the the drifting cloud or a tree too have Papa and Mama. I think children who live in a joint family may imagine more members.

This might only be the coincidence but stories in most of her picture-books too have 3 main characters. So she assigns different roles for us 3. Her most favorite is one which has a story about NINJIN (carrot), DAIKON (radish) and GOBO (burdock root).

These three guys, NINJIN, DAIKON and GOBO were living together. All of them were white then. One day, they played all day in mud and dirtied their body. They thought of taking a bath (OFURO NI HAIRU) and started preparing the FURO (Japanese hot bath)

Almost every household in Japan has this FURO (hot bath). Entering FURO in the late evening or before sleeping is a daily ritual in Japan. Public FUROs are called ONSEN (hot spring).

So they prepared and it was NINJIN who entered the bathroom first. She took a shower and entered FURO.
"Achhhhhhhhhh---! It's too hot----!" But she tolerated it and stayed inside.

When she came out after 25 minutes, her skin was very red.

In our home, it's Aryaa who enters first. When she was smaller, she would be in the lap of one of us but nowadays she moves a lot inside and has also collected a lot of toys which she can enjoy there with. So we wait outside. She loves to stay there for a long time, in temperature 1 or 2 degrees higher than that for me.

So Aryaa is NINJIN.

Then it was DAIKON's turn. She took shower and was about to enter FURO. "Oh, this is too hot----", she added some cold water.
"Ahh---, it's so comfortable----" She stayed inside for a long time. When she came out, she was white as before.

In our home, Mama enters FURO after Aryaa. So Mama is DAIKON.

Then comes our GOBO. "I hate FURO!!!" he just takes a quick shower and comes out.

So GOBO is still dirty.

I too hate FURO:), I just feel suffocated in hot water. So I either don't enter at all or come out too soon. Even for shower, I prefer it at morning, after coming back from walk.

So Papa is GOBO.

But let me make this clear to you, I am not 'dirty' like our dear GOBO in Aryaa's story book. I am a little bit darker than Aryaa and her mom but as you know 'dark' is different from 'dirty':))


shail said...

Arya is trying to see her own world in the stories she reads and the people that she sees outside her home. :) Made interesting reading Of course dark is different from dirty. So Gobo, Daikon and Ninjin lived happily ever after after their bath :)

Basanta said...

Thank you! It is so interesting to observe this process.
And yes they lived happily ever after their bath though NINJIN sometimes liked to torture the other two guys:)

Avinashi said...

How sweet....
what a sweet little parallel drawing of fairy tale and real life...
I am sure parenting Aarya is a very warm feeling...

Basanta said...

Thank you Avinashi for visiting and commenting!
Yes, parenting Aryaa is an wonderful journey, a very rewarding and transformative one.

Naresh Shakya said...

Basant jee

Really enjoyed to read your experience in parenting. Aryaa is very sweet kid, I did have few chances to play with her. No, wonder with caring parents like both of you, she will turn into much sweeter ones.... like ninjin.

Basanta said...

Thank you Nareshjee for your kind comment!
We are trying our best to give her a happy childhood. We hope she will grow into a successful person.

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