Nov 4, 2009

Fish on Papa's back---

"Papa had fish on back. Why?" Aryaa asked me immediately after getting up one morning.
"Fish on my back! No---! What are you Saying?"
"Papa had fish on back. It was stuck there. Mama pulled it and threw away." She made it more detailed. She seemed little bit frustrated that I didn't 'agree' with her.

Now I understood, or at least I could make a guess. She might be dreaming something like that and taking it for real. It happens often with small kids. I remember a few similar incidents with my youngest siblings.

Aryaa's this dream must be because of a program that we were watching in TV the previous evening. The program was about "Deadliest Animals of Earth". One among the deadliest animals was a small blind fish which can enter human body by biting and making its way inside. It was shown with an animation, Aryaa too saw it and she was saying "KUWAAI!(Scary!)". She had fell asleep in my lap while watching this program.

Normally, we are careful not to let her watch anything violent on TV, but forgot to change the channel this time. The program was interesting enough to make us 'careless':). Besides that, we let Aryaa watch this as she is very happy to watch about animals. She had enjoyed most of what she watched before falling asleep.

We will be more careful from now.


Shail said...

Now I think it is KUWAA too this fish that enters human body! Aryaa is right!! :P :)

Basanta said...

Thank you Shail! The program was in Japanese, so couldn't understand the fish's name. It must be KUWAA, I believe you:)
And yes, Aryaa is right. Her mother attacks my back quite frequently :P :)

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