Nov 21, 2009

Strawberry flavored Puppa----

I was late to come back on Thursday evening.

Sobita opened the door. Usually Aryaa too would come running but  today she was already in bed. She wasn't asleep yet though, she was looking at pictures in her story-books.

I went straight to the door of the bed room and said, "Aryaa, see, Papa is back." She didn't care.
"Aryaa, Papa is back. See---" I repeated but she was still engrossed in the pictures. It was too painful to me:)
"Aryaa, see, Papa wants a sweeeee---t Puppa from Aryaa. Won't you come here? --- OK then I am going to bathroom---"
"MATTE! MATTE! (wait! wait!)", with this 'threat' of mine, she came towards me and kissed me on cheek.
"Woww, it's so tasty! What is the flavor today?" I asked after kissing her back.
"BUDOU AJI DA YO! (it's grape flavor!)" she replied.
"ARIGATOU! Papa wants one more Puppa, this time the strawberry flavored one."
"OK!" she kissed in my another cheek and went back to bed. The father inside me too was content enough now to face bravely the rare lonely dinner.
These 'flavored Puppa's are the result of those countless lovely mother-daughter cuddling. Each cuddling results in a couple of new flavors:) Almost all of the fruits are already used to flavor kisses and I wonder what will come after fruits:)

By the way, it's also interesting to watch those mother-daughter arguments and 'fights' but that's another story for another time.


Shahid Mukadam said...

Hey it is such a wonderful thought, You keep a track of almost everything significant in your daughters childhood.
I am sure when she is big enough to read it, she will love you parents all the more....
gr8 man gr8

Basanta said...

Thank you Shahid for visiting and commenting!
We too hope that she will enjoy this after she is big. Beisdes, sharing our parenting experience with others is a joy itself.

Rita said...

lovely .....

Basanta said...

Thank you Rita!

Shail said...

So sweet!

Basanta said...

Thank you Shail!

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