Dec 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

I wish all my dear readers of this blog a very Happy New Year 2010! May this year bring even more happiness, peace, success and prosperity in your life!

One of my NY resolutions is to be more frequent in posting in this blog:)

Dec 23, 2009


Aryaa loves ice-cream too much. In summer, she had said many times that she wants to be an ice-cream shop owner.

But her 'dream' has changed now, she says "GURU-GURU MAWARU ONECHYAN NI NARITAI (I want to be a rotating girl)!"

GURU GURU MAWARU means "to roate". ONECHYAN is elder sister but it's also used for "young girl" in common spoken Japanese.

She wants to be a figure skater. She loves to watch figure skating in TV, she is crazy for it. We can persuade her to something else from TV generally but absolutely not if there is figure skating. They have a lot of figure skating competitions in this time of year. Winter Olympics (Vancouver 2010) is approaching and a lot of selection competitions too are going on. So figure skating competitions broadcasts can be seen regularly.

Aryaa has even recited the names of a few of the figure skating superstars, like Kim Yona (Korea), Mao Asada (Japan) and Miki Andou (Japan). She very affectionately calls them KIM YONA ONECHYAN etc. whenever she sees their faces in TV.

It's interesting to watch how long this 'dream' of hers will last and what will replace it.

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Dec 11, 2009

GAMBARE Aryaa-chyan!

Breast feeding for Aryaa stopped when she was around one and half years old. We didn’t do anything, Sobita was ready to breast feed her for next several months, but it was Aryaa herself who wasn’t interested. We continued formula for a little longer.

There was not much to worry as Aryaa was already eating other foods too from much earlier than this. But as most of the children she was choosy. She used to hate most of the vegetables but with ‘crazy’ naming, she started happily eating some of them. And gradually, there is not much problem left in the case of vegetables though sometimes we still have to devise ‘crazy’ names, ‘crazy’ shapes or ‘crazy’ stories for a few of them.

Milk (normal one, not the formula) is one thing that she didn’t like from the beginning. She preferred bottle feeding for whatever little she drank. But after she turned around 2 and half, her teachers suggested us to make Aryaa drink from cup in home as they were teaching that in Kindergarten too.

But it was very hard to make her drink milk from cup. There was no problem for water or juice, seemed she didn’t like milk’s scent. If cold, she would drink some but she hated the warmed milk.

Her kindergarten had UNDOUKAI (sports meet) in October. She got a ‘gold’ medal, her friends too got, all the children get it:).

“Yesterday, Aryaa-chyan got medal---“ she said during breakfast the next day.
“Yes, yes! Do you know why you got it?”
“Aryaa-chyan ran very fast--, so.”
“Yes! But why can Aryaa-chayn run so fast?”
“Because Aryaa-chyan is so GENKI (healthy)---.”
“But why is Aryaa-chyan so GENKI?”
“Because Aryaa-chyan eats well, eats a lot---“
“Yes, but not only that. Aryaa-chyan drinks a lot of milk too. Milk makes Aryaa-chyan’s feet stronger---“, I found an ‘opening’ here.
“Yes, yes----“, she ‘agreed’.
“Aryaa-chyan will drink today too, will finish this soon, won’t you?” I asked her.
“PAPA OOEN SITE NE----(Papa, please cheer for me), She was now ready to drink milk. 
“OK”, so I started “GAMBARE ARYAA-CHYAN! ARYAA-CHYAN NO KATI NI NARU YO---(Keep it up Aryaa-chyan, Keep it up! Aryaa-chyan will win-----)“ and clapping!
“SHASIN MO TOTTE (Please take some photographs too)”, was her new ‘order’ in the middle.
“OK. Click! Click!!----“ I make hand gestures, I now turned into a sports photographer too:)
“See, Aryaa-chyan drank all.” The cup was already empty.

While done like this, she started drinking milk before sleeping too.

So I am doing this role of a ‘crazy’ supporter and shouting “GAMBARAE ARYAA-CHYAN----“, not only once, twice a day since last two months.

And in the meantime, I am working as a sports photographer too:)

Dec 2, 2009

Aryaa-chyan too is poor---:)

It was on Friday evening, I was reading picture (story) books for Aryaa.

"Once upon a time, there was an old man living with his wife.", I started. "They were very poor---".
"What is 'poor'?" Aryaa interrupted me.
"---Hmmmmm--" I thought for a moment, I had to answer quickly, Aryaa seemed impatient for the answer and the continuation of story.
"Well, 'poor' means they didn't have money." I decided on this answer , "----Old man used to go to forest everyday to cut wood---" and continued the story.
"Ehhh----, Aryaa-chyan too is poor--" Aryaa interrupted me again.
"Why?" I was surprised.
"Aryaa-chyan doesn't have money."
"No! No! Aryaa-chyan is not poor. Aryaa-chyan's Papa and Mama-----"
"DEMO ARYAA-CHYAN OKANE NAI YO--!" (But Aryaa-chyan doesn't have money--!) Aryaa was not ready to accept that she wasn't poor:)

I then realized my mistake. My answer was wrong for her age.
"I am Sorry! Papa was wrong. They didn't have food and good clothes, so they were poor---" I tried to 'correct' my answer.
"Ehhh---." She 'ordered' me to continue the story. I hope she was content with this 'definition'.

I know she will forget most of such 'answers' that we reply her questions with but the impression might last much longer in her subconscious.

It's always difficult to find the 'most correct' answer.

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