Dec 2, 2009

Aryaa-chyan too is poor---:)

It was on Friday evening, I was reading picture (story) books for Aryaa.

"Once upon a time, there was an old man living with his wife.", I started. "They were very poor---".
"What is 'poor'?" Aryaa interrupted me.
"---Hmmmmm--" I thought for a moment, I had to answer quickly, Aryaa seemed impatient for the answer and the continuation of story.
"Well, 'poor' means they didn't have money." I decided on this answer , "----Old man used to go to forest everyday to cut wood---" and continued the story.
"Ehhh----, Aryaa-chyan too is poor--" Aryaa interrupted me again.
"Why?" I was surprised.
"Aryaa-chyan doesn't have money."
"No! No! Aryaa-chyan is not poor. Aryaa-chyan's Papa and Mama-----"
"DEMO ARYAA-CHYAN OKANE NAI YO--!" (But Aryaa-chyan doesn't have money--!) Aryaa was not ready to accept that she wasn't poor:)

I then realized my mistake. My answer was wrong for her age.
"I am Sorry! Papa was wrong. They didn't have food and good clothes, so they were poor---" I tried to 'correct' my answer.
"Ehhh---." She 'ordered' me to continue the story. I hope she was content with this 'definition'.

I know she will forget most of such 'answers' that we reply her questions with but the impression might last much longer in her subconscious.

It's always difficult to find the 'most correct' answer.

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aarchana paudel said...

yes, i agree.Dealing with children is really a hard thing.We should think and rethink before we answer them.

Ashesh said...

कस्तो राम्रो कुरा । साना साना शव्दको परिभाषा त्यो पनि उमेर अनुसारकै दिनुपर्यो ! Learning many more things from your article sir!!

binita paudel said...

This is the first time i have visited this blog site. Seems interesting!!!!thank u and keep it. up. Binita

Basanta said...

Thank you all for visiting and commenting! I hope for your comments and suggestions in future too.

Rita said...

Agree sir, this one is also very nice!!

Basanta said...

Thank you Rita!

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