Dec 23, 2009


Aryaa loves ice-cream too much. In summer, she had said many times that she wants to be an ice-cream shop owner.

But her 'dream' has changed now, she says "GURU-GURU MAWARU ONECHYAN NI NARITAI (I want to be a rotating girl)!"

GURU GURU MAWARU means "to roate". ONECHYAN is elder sister but it's also used for "young girl" in common spoken Japanese.

She wants to be a figure skater. She loves to watch figure skating in TV, she is crazy for it. We can persuade her to something else from TV generally but absolutely not if there is figure skating. They have a lot of figure skating competitions in this time of year. Winter Olympics (Vancouver 2010) is approaching and a lot of selection competitions too are going on. So figure skating competitions broadcasts can be seen regularly.

Aryaa has even recited the names of a few of the figure skating superstars, like Kim Yona (Korea), Mao Asada (Japan) and Miki Andou (Japan). She very affectionately calls them KIM YONA ONECHYAN etc. whenever she sees their faces in TV.

It's interesting to watch how long this 'dream' of hers will last and what will replace it.

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archana paudel said...

yes absolutely! Actually everybody has more than 1000 dreams or u can say aim in their life.It changes according to their age, time and society. I also had lots of wonderful dreams in my life and it still changes. Yesterday i wanted to be an artist, today i want to be a teacher and tomorrow may be i want to be a writer.By knowing a person's or child's aim you can find out what is actually happening in her\his mind at that time and it makes u easier to handle him\her.

N K M said...

Dreams supported by parents can come true.

shail said...

Like Aarya I like to watch figure-skating too. But alas I have no dreams of becoming one!! :D
Wonderful to read about her unfolding dreams!

Basanta said...

Thank you Archana! I agree with you that a person has many dreams and they change with time too. Our nature, surroundings, education and a lot of other things affect our dreams.

Thank you NKM! Parents can help children realize their dream. But if Aryaa keeps on this dream of becoming a figure skater, I better continue to live here or go to somewhere where there is a strong figure skating culture. I better forget about returning back to Nepal where sporting culture is almost nil.

Thank you Shail! I am waiting for the end of figure skating season to know her new dream:)

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