Jan 27, 2010


Initially, I was hesitating to write this post, and wondering whether anybody has written a post on such subject. But after some thinking, I came to the conclusion that it's a very good subject to write. After all, it's a very important part of Aryaa's (and any child's) learning process.

It's about her current fascination with UNCHI (excretion, poop), ONARA (fart) and SIKKO (pee). She likes to talk about them, in fact talks too much and giggles a lot. Every time she poops, she doesn't forget to take a good look before flushing, call us and say, "see, what a big UNCHI!". She combines these three words with many other daily-life words and creates strange phrases/sentences. And she also knows Nepali words for UNCHI, ONARA and SIKKO, she was very fast to learn these words compared to other Nepali words:)

When we tried to discourage her from such talks, she got even more emboldened and her giggles changed into loud laughter. So we have stopped our try, instead we have started 'enjoying' talking UNCHI, ONARA and SIKKO with her:) And I tell you, it's so funny:))

I remember similar incidents with nephews/nieces.

I remember seeing a picture book in her kindergarten (we have also seen it in all the children-clinics that we have been to) about this funny guy called 'UNCHI'. It's intended to toilet-train kids. Aryaa was much fascinated by all those UNCHI pictures, from that of small birds' to that of an elephant. Aryaa's toilet training went well after she was 3. Now we don't have any problem regarding poop. SIKKO (Pee) was fine too, but she has become 'naughty' these days. Sometimes, when she is engrossed by some play, stories or toys, she doesn't inform us in time that she wants to go to toilet. Instead, she leaks a little and 'adjusts' herself for the time being, and informs us or goes to the toilet herself only when it becomes really unbearable. It's our current 'parenting headache', I will write about it in future too.

And ONARA. YIMA NO UCHI DAREAKA GA ONARA SITA (Did someone fart just now?) was, in my guess, the first complete Japanese sentence she mastered:) Other people doing it fascinates her for sure, and there is more than that. It's interesting to look at the pride and joy that see has on her face when she does it herself, more so when it's well audible:) ONARA SITA !(I farted!) she proudly declares and laughs heartily.Then a sense of great achievement when her parents say KUSAI! KUSAI (It stinks! It stinks!) and close their nostrils (even if it's not stinky) :)

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Jan 20, 2010

Abstract Art:)

It's great to learn abstract art with Aryaa:)

She learns some in her kindergarten. Actually, they teach some basic shapes only and give children paper and crayons and leave them alone. Aryaa likes to play like that in home too. Both Sobita and me are terribly bad at drawing anything. So I am sure that whatever we teach is useless:)

Let me share some of Aryaa's abstract art with you today, 'masterpieces' on her magnetic writing board.

Her most favorite subject is human face. She gives each of her 'painting' a name, I forgot what she had called this.

And human face becomes OBAKE (ghost) after some changes. That's not always true and you can also see ghosts with very beautiful human faces. She will know about it when she grows up:)

Here is her version of herself and her KODOMO (child). She sometimes draws her PAPA and MAMA too with her, but they too are always smaller than her.

I forgot what she called this one. With antennae laden head and thin legs only, it looks like a human being from a not so distant future.

Here is a rabbit with 'big horn'. Have you ever seen it? I am sure that you're seeing a rabbit with 'big horn' for the first time, it was the first in my life too. And whatever you see except rabbit itself is its UNKO (excrement). Pretty impressive, ain't it:)

This is a bird. It must be from Dinosaurs' time.

We sometimes try to teach her A, B, C---. She can write a few of them now. She used to write A inverted (upside-down). So I once held her hand and helped her write an A properly.  But she said she wanted to change A into A san (Mr/Ms A). Here is that A san.

I must say A was much luckier, poor G and H ended like this:)


Sometimes she writes in her 'own' alphabet. She says she has written GAUTAM ARYAA, GAUTAM MAMA and GAUTAM PAPA in the following three. Seems a strange language:)

And the artist:)

Jan 13, 2010

Get Wings and Fly

It was as usual today too. washing Aryaa's hair is one of the most difficult things in this earth for me. We always have a pretty good fight during this time:) She protests me helping her and says she will do it JIBUNDE (herself). I know if I agree with her JIBUNDE, it will take may be two days to wash her hair:) So I 'offer' my forced help and she resists, crying and sometimes even saying PAPA DAIKIRAI!(Hate Papa too much!). It's great to hear and see her saying PAPA DAIKIRAI, I just feel lonely when she forgets it sometimes:)

After seeing her mother always doing it without much effort, I have come to the conclusion that there is something wrong in the way a male is made.

Everything is fine after the 'hair saga' though. Helping her wash her body is a joyful experience and when she enters FURO it's great to fly with her wandering imaginations

"What does DANGO MUSI(potato bug, roly-poly) do inside KOTORI (small bird)'s stomach?" was her first question to me today.
"Well, it must be crying inside and trying to come out----."

Once, while strolling around the nearby riverbanks, she had asked me what those small birds (sparrows, pigeons etc.) were doing there in the ground. I had replied her that they were looking for food. I also told her that they eat small insects, and grains like corn. Her question came from that conversation of ours.

"Aryaa-chyan will kick KOTORI---." She wanted to 'free' the insect, "Aryaa-chyan will cut KOTORI's stomach, DANGO MUSI will come out." In one of her story-books, a sleeping wolf's stomach is cut open and lambs are taken out from there. She wanted to do the same to the bird:)
"No, no! Aryaa-chyan doesn't need to do that." I give her my opinion, "Give KOTORI something else to eat, then he will open his mouth and let DANGO MUSI come out from his stomach."
"OK, Aryaa-chyan will give him some TOMOROKOSHI (corn).", the deal is finalized:)

"What will KOTORI do after that?" She asked after a bried pause.
"Well, it will fly and go somewhere to play."
"Aryaa-chyan too wants to play with KOTORI---", is her desire.
"--but KOTORI can fly, it has wings, Aryaa-chyan can't fly. How can Aryaa-chyan play with KOTORI?" I put the 'harsh reality' in front of her.
"Aryaa-chyan too will fly. Aryaa-chyan will get wings. Aryaa-chyan will give corn to KOTORI and get wings from him.", she has her plan to 'brave' this harsh reality.

"Aryaa-chyan will get wings in Disney Land." she suddenly remembered another way to get wings for her, "Aryaa-chyan will get pink wings."
"OK! Ok! Great idea. Aryaa-chyan will get pink wings and fly with KOTORI." I agree with her. She starts playing with her toys.

I have been to Tokyo Disney Land once. I know it's a great place to get wings, well, for your money:))

Disney Land is one of her most 'favorite' and most frequent demands these days. We don't know how she knew about it, might be television or some of her friends in Kindergarten. We have promised her to take there. we are planning it for early May.

And I think Aryaa will look like this after coming back from Disney Land. Heheheh----.

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Jan 6, 2010

Omelet and Ketchup

It was during lunch on last Sunday.

"TAMAGOYAKI DA NE--"(Omelet there---), Aryaa said, pointing to a NENGAJO(new year postcard) from a colleague, lying in front of us.
"No, it's not omelet, it's Sun."
"No Papa! Papa is wrong." She screamed, "That is omelet. And some ketchup too---." She stopped eating and seemed in a 'mood' to argue with me and 'win':)
"OK, OK! That's omelet and ketchup." I resigned:) "Now please continue your meal."

This reminded me one of my favorite jokes.

This happened in an abstract art exhibition. After seeing a man gazing at a painting for a long time, the artist came towards him.
"You like it Sir?" the artist asked.
"Yeah, it's beautiful, it looks so real."
"I painted the rising sun. I am so happy----"
"What? You say this is sun?" the art lover gentleman interrupted the artist. "I thought it was an omelet!"

Below is the omelet-ketchup abstract art which almost initiated one more round of father-daughter argument in our dining table. Hail the patient father :D

Well, a child's perception is always more interesting than that of an adult:)