Jan 20, 2010

Abstract Art:)

It's great to learn abstract art with Aryaa:)

She learns some in her kindergarten. Actually, they teach some basic shapes only and give children paper and crayons and leave them alone. Aryaa likes to play like that in home too. Both Sobita and me are terribly bad at drawing anything. So I am sure that whatever we teach is useless:)

Let me share some of Aryaa's abstract art with you today, 'masterpieces' on her magnetic writing board.

Her most favorite subject is human face. She gives each of her 'painting' a name, I forgot what she had called this.

And human face becomes OBAKE (ghost) after some changes. That's not always true and you can also see ghosts with very beautiful human faces. She will know about it when she grows up:)

Here is her version of herself and her KODOMO (child). She sometimes draws her PAPA and MAMA too with her, but they too are always smaller than her.

I forgot what she called this one. With antennae laden head and thin legs only, it looks like a human being from a not so distant future.

Here is a rabbit with 'big horn'. Have you ever seen it? I am sure that you're seeing a rabbit with 'big horn' for the first time, it was the first in my life too. And whatever you see except rabbit itself is its UNKO (excrement). Pretty impressive, ain't it:)

This is a bird. It must be from Dinosaurs' time.

We sometimes try to teach her A, B, C---. She can write a few of them now. She used to write A inverted (upside-down). So I once held her hand and helped her write an A properly.  But she said she wanted to change A into A san (Mr/Ms A). Here is that A san.

I must say A was much luckier, poor G and H ended like this:)


Sometimes she writes in her 'own' alphabet. She says she has written GAUTAM ARYAA, GAUTAM MAMA and GAUTAM PAPA in the following three. Seems a strange language:)

And the artist:)


Bhagyashree said...

Seems Baby Aryaa will be a famous painter one day, all the Hussains of the world beware......:)

shail said...

Oh wow! I will have a couple of Aarya art on my walls I think. Will Aarya the artist oblige?? :) :D
Bravo little girl keep it up!

Anonymous said...


Ashesh said...

That's not always true and you can also see ghosts with very beautiful human faces. She will know about it when she grows up:)

ha ha ha .nice one....

and rest all are even much better. keep it up sir!!

Basanta said...

Thank you Bhagyashree! Yeah, all the Hussains of the world are going to have a strong competitor soon:)

Thank you Shail! I am happy to inform you that you can have those arts in your wall.I have asked Aryaa and she has OKed it:) I am not joking, I really asked her last evening. I was going to write this yesterday morning but decided to ask her first:)

Thank you Anonymous! I am happy that you could get a good laugh from this post.

Thank you Ashesh bhai!

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