Feb 4, 2010

What is 'People'???

"HITOBITO TE NANI?"(What is 'people'?), Aryaa asked me a few days back.
"Hmm----" I couldn't coin an answer easily. "Well, everybody is 'People'; Aryaa-chayn, papa, mama, friends, everybody is----'

She didn't say anything after that, but I could see the confusion in her face. It was "What is 'Citizen'?" the next day and my answer was similar to that for 'People':)

Now how do you explain 'People' and 'Citizen' to a 3 year old? It's not easy to explain it even to an adult.

"What is---" is one of her new 'hobbies'. I have talked about "The great 'Why---?' Explosion" in one of my previous posts, now it seems that 'What' too has exploded:)

Whereas 'Why' is related to scenes, incidents and actions (by someone else), 'What' generally seems related to words. Whenever she hears a new word, be it in Kidergarten, while watching  television or in our conversation in home, she immediately asks what it is and we have to explain it in simplified Japanese. The problem is that our own Japanese is not so good, or at least not good enough to explain things well to a kid.

Although only a couple of months' gap exists between 'Why' and 'What', 'What' seems to be the next stage of her learning after 'Why'. This is manifested very well when she is watching something in television. She used to get concentrated to scenes/actions only, but now gives attention to dialogues too.

Another big source for "What is--" is the conversation between her parents. We (Sobita and me) use Nepali in conversation between us (it's almost completely in Japanese with Aryaa, though we are trying to increase Nepali recently). Aryaa understands basic Nepali and whenever any 'new' Nepali word attracts her attention, she asks "What is---".

And places. Her "What is---" also includes names of places. She once asked "What is Nagoya?". Nagoya is the city we live in and I don't know how she suddenly became interested in this word, she has been hearing it since last three years.
"Nagoya is the place Aryaa-chayn lives." was my answer.
"But Aryaa-chyan lives in KOPO-YATOMI--.", she disagreed. KOPO-YATOMI is the name of the building we live in.
"OK, OK---, Nagoya is a big place--- and KOPO-YATOMI is in Nagoya--", I am sure that I made her confused again:)

The great "Why" explosion is still continuing and "What" explosion has already begun. Imagine what happens when you are living under two great explosions:))


Bhagyashree said...

Very difficult answering questions. Ezpecially when you have to give a satisfactory answer, keep ur patience and see that a kids curiiousity is not 'killed'.

Basanta said...

Thank you Bhagyashree! Yes, it's very difficult to answer such questions. I am trying to be patient and encourage her ask even more questions.

Thank you 規格!

shail said...

Uh-ho! One explosion follwoing closely on the heels of another! You and Sobita have your jobs cut out for you!! :) Good luck to bothe of you!
Lovely post as usual. Aarya makes life interesting for us readers too. :)

Basanta said...

Thank you Shail!

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