Jan 6, 2010

Omelet and Ketchup

It was during lunch on last Sunday.

"TAMAGOYAKI DA NE--"(Omelet there---), Aryaa said, pointing to a NENGAJO(new year postcard) from a colleague, lying in front of us.
"No, it's not omelet, it's Sun."
"No Papa! Papa is wrong." She screamed, "That is omelet. And some ketchup too---." She stopped eating and seemed in a 'mood' to argue with me and 'win':)
"OK, OK! That's omelet and ketchup." I resigned:) "Now please continue your meal."

This reminded me one of my favorite jokes.

This happened in an abstract art exhibition. After seeing a man gazing at a painting for a long time, the artist came towards him.
"You like it Sir?" the artist asked.
"Yeah, it's beautiful, it looks so real."
"I painted the rising sun. I am so happy----"
"What? You say this is sun?" the art lover gentleman interrupted the artist. "I thought it was an omelet!"

Below is the omelet-ketchup abstract art which almost initiated one more round of father-daughter argument in our dining table. Hail the patient father :D

Well, a child's perception is always more interesting than that of an adult:)


rajankathet said...

..... combination of the story and the joke is really nice........ i especially loved the ending note......... :)

OM said...

That's an egg and some bacon on top.

sangeeta swarup said...


bahut badhiya.....nice

Bhagyashree said...

I agree, children are much more imaginative

Puspa said...

tapaiko sirjansilata ra chhoriko kalpanasilata ko ramro milan ho yo artical.

Dilip Acharya said...
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Dilip Acharya said...

He he .... I just showed it to my 7 years old daughter and she said "it's a burger !".

Frankly speaking, I'll rather admit that I don't have sense of art, than admitting it as Sun too.

child trust fund said...

Very cute and funny. My youngest has just started on the "no" routine. He is saying "no" to everything because he can!

Ashesh said...

totally agree with you . Child's perception and our perception on anything vary.
Beautiful combination....liked it!!

shail said...

Well you can't deny, the child speaks the truth. It does look like an egg (single fry aka bull's eye) and some ketchup!! Lol, Children have imagination. Way to go Aarya! :)

archana said...

i am with Aryaa's team.

Basanta said...

Thank you all for your comments!
After seeing the majority with Aryaa, I too have decided to 'accept' it as egg and ketchup. Anyway, my Japanese colleague who sent this card doesn't read this blog:)

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