Feb 11, 2010

Two Videos

Let me share two short clips today.

In this first one, Aryaa is around 7 months old. She could stand with some support then. Whenever she heard any music, she would 'dance', make hand movements and make singing sound with the music. It came so naturally. She is getting shyer these days.

Here she is dancing in a Nepali folk song.

This one is from last September. It was an evening-gathering for farewell of two friends who were leaving Japan. While elders were busy talking and laughing, Ahina and Aryaa too were busy in their own world. I 'disturbed' them a little:) Ahina is two years older than Aryaa. They get chance to meet in such Nepali gatherings once a few months and enjoy each other's company very much. 


shail said...

Awww.... so cute!!

Basanta said...

Thank you Shail!

LC said...

The dancing 7-month-old Aryaa is amazing and delightful! Great job capturing this memory.

Basanta said...

Thank you Linda!

Melisa Marzett said...

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