Mar 23, 2010

Kindergarten Life

Here are some photographs that we got from Aryaa's kindergarten.

 Christmas Celebration

HINAMATSURI celebration

Must be Japanese/Chinese (Lunar) New Year 

Some day in Summer

Outing to a nearby Children Park

After the UNDOUKAI (sports meet) in which everybody 'won' and everybody got 'medal':)

Class Photograph with the Principal (left) and the class teacher 

Sorry for the low-quality pics. We are given printed photographs only. This is what I could manage with my mobile-phone and sleepy eyes :)

Thanks to kindergarten teachers and staffs for these photographs!


archana said...

Japanese haru ko bhid ma arya pani testai dekhidi reche ta!

kshama said...

What lovely & lively pics!All the very best to the little ones!
Ramnavmiki shubhkamnayen sweekar karen!

Basanta said...

Thank you Archana! Yes, she too looks much like a Japanese kid.

Thank you Kshamajee! You are welcome in this blog. Wish you too happy belated Ramnavami.

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