Mar 30, 2010

"---when Aryaa-chyan is----?"

Aryaa dreams of becoming 'big' these days, and dreams too much:) Another stage of a kid's mental development, I remember having similar 'dreams' myself, and I've seen it with my younger siblings and nephews/nieces.

Some 'regular' incidents have happened within one month and they have magnified her dreams and desire to be big and tall soon. She turned 4 and she knows she will turn 5 on her next birthday. She talks not only about 5 but 6, 7, 10 and whatever she can count up to.

Then the start of new session in her kindergarten. It is from April 1 in Japan, not only kindergartens, but schools, universities, companies and government works. They had SOTUENSIKI (kindergarten graduation ceremony) in Aryaa's kindergarten last week. Kids who turned 6 will leave the kindergarten and enter primary school. Aryaa will be in YUURI-GUMI (YUURI group, YUURI 'class') from April 1 and she is very happy. She is happy but 'impatient' too at the same time for the day when she herself will enter primary school. She has even already memorized full lengthy names of a few nearby primary schools:)

And her counting ability is going up gradually. Right now, she easily counts up to around 40 and then goes directly to 100:) For her, the biggest use of numbers is to mark a person's age. So her questions now are generally related to age. She already knows how old her MAMA and PAPA are.

"What--- when Aryaa-chyan is six?" She asks this everyday.
"Aryaa-chyan will enter primary school."
"And when seven--?"
"She will be a second year student in primary."
"And eight---?"
"What when Aryaa-chyan is 12?"
"Aryaa-chyan will go to middle school." But this questioning continues almost 'irritatingly' to each year in middle school and high school. But parents are not allowed to get irritated:))

"When will Aryaa-become as big as PAPA and MAMA?" Questioning goes on.
"Well, may be when Aryaa-chyan is 18."
"Where will Aryaa-chyan go after 18."
"University.""----when Aryaa-chyan is 28?", she skips some years now, she might have 'irritated' herself:)
"--in job, Aryaa-chyan will be working like----"

We expect the series to stop here but it doesn't.

"---when Aryaa-chyan is 70?", she will ask after a brief 'rest'.
"Aryaa-chyan will be OBAACHYAN (grand mom) by then."
"----when Aryaa-chyan is 100?"
"Hmmmm----, Aryaa-chyan will be an even bigger OBAACHYAN."

It's a relief that her counting hasn't gone beyond 100 yet:))

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bhagyareema said...

Kids innocence always amazes me but what amazes me more is your patience

archana said...

so sweet aaryaa ! i really enjoy such kind of eagerness of children.though it is natural process of child growth, only few parents take it seriously.

Me said...

May u live longest Aarya.....

Basanta said...

Thank you all for your kind comments!

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