Mar 13, 2010

Your Heartbeat

Your Heartbeat

Dear, I am listening to your heartbeat
Somewhere in the deep forest
Song of the hiding stream,
Left by the creator of the world
Ancient but yet continuous
Wonderful song of the soul

I am relieved as I never used to be.
If I ever won the war of life,
To bequeath the happiness ,
I have got your hands now,
If I ever lost to the war of the life,
Your feet are there ,
To wet with my tears

Or, if I get lost today,
From the eye of the world,
My existence will be there
Along with your name, my name will be there
Somewhere in your heart beat…
The rhythm of my heartbeat will be heard

I am listening to your heart beat,
Visualizing you in my imagination
Dear, I am listening to your heartbeat
Waiting for you in the deep

(December 19, 2005; Kasugai, Japan)

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(This poem was originally written in Nepali. I am very thankful to Sweta for translating it into English. Nepali version appears in my Nepali blog )

Aryaa was still inside her mom's womb when this poem was written. We didn't know whether the child was a girl or a boy. We didn't care much too, we wanted that to remain a happy 'suspense' until child was born. Our doctor Yonemoto also had the same thinking, he didn't like parents talking too much about the sex of the child to be born.

It was already some time after the doctor had started us showing the child's movement in ultrasound. We could hear the child's heartbeat too. Then I had started putting my ear against Sobita's stomach to hear the child's heartbeat and to feel his/her movement. That was an unexplainable transforming experience, a totally spiritual experience. And it was not only because it was my child, I was mesmerized by seeing a new life getting its form inside another life,. I just couldn't think it as a regular normal incident. With the beginning of the arrival of the child, I had started having  even more thankfulness and respect to Sobita and the all the females.

The talks then between me and Sobita at that time was naturally about the child and for the child. This poem was born out of those heartbeats that I heard and those endless talks about the child we had....... This my small try to give words to feelings of soon-would-be parents. 

Aryaa turns four from today. Happy Birthday Aryaa!

This stage of life, which started after we got the message of her arrival, is getting more and more transforming, because I always like children and after these years with Aryaa, I even more like them. This world is full of selfishness, mistrust and cruelty. It is still livable because there are children, there are their innocent eyes, there are their open heart like sky and there are their pure quests. This world has future because there are unlimited possibilities in children.

I we want a bright future for humanity, every child should get a happy childhood. Otherwise there is only darkness.

This poem is dedicated to the unlimited possibilities that exists inside every child!


Bhagyashree said...

Beautiful post, very moving and so very true.
U say that it is transforming, indeed it is, for a woman more so- very fulfilling and satisfying. In my teenage I used to laugh when I used to hear dialogues in movies which said that a woman is incomplete until she becums a mom and so on. Now I know how true it is.
Happy Birthday Aryaa!!

Dhruba Panthi said...

Enjoyed going through English translation too. Happy birthday to Aryaa once again!!

LC said...

Post is wonderful addition to birthday celebration. Happy birthday to your little one.

prem ballabh pandey said...

Hi Basantji !
Of course i am late to read it n to know ur daughter`s birth-day but i want to write here by my heart that may Aaarya live a pleasant life with full of peace n prosperity.
Ur poem is nice but by reading only in face book ,i was confused that what u really mean and whom u r addressing.Now it is clear.

香蕉哥哥 said...


Basanta said...

Thank you all for your comments and kind wishes for Aryaa!


Happy Birthday to Aryaa! and thanks for this wonderful post. I am sorry for the late comment Basanta ji!

Me said...

i read ur blog... i havent read all the posts i selected it randomly ... i like it ........ no more comments on it if there was buttom to click like i would do that only but ........... its just to tell u i likes this ... hmm somefeeling are at times wonderful when not expressed .... lovely blog

Basanta said...

Thank you Deependrajee!

Thank you Me! You are welcome in this blog.

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