Apr 15, 2010

"Aryaa-chyan is girl."

Aryaa was ‘best’ friends with both boys and girls until 3. It’s changed now. It’s not that she hates to be friends with boys, she is just not intimate with them. She is a member of a girls’ gang:), all of her best friends now are girls.

It may be because of this girlis' gang that she has started showing choices and behavior which is attributed to girls and females as a whole. One example is her choice of colors. While buying clothes and shoes for her, she chooses pink ones and red ones. She says “Pink and red are lovely. They are for girls. Aryaa-chyan is girl.” When we want to buy something blue, green or even yellow, she says that those are for boys.

I guess small boys must be thinking opposite of this, but I’m not sure. I don’t exactly know how such thinking develops in a child. It must be a combination of many things like friends, parents and media culture, etc. Males and females may also have some natural differences in their feeling for and choice of colors, but again I’m not sure and it’s just my guess. What if a girl is raised in male only environment or a boy is raised in female only environment? But that is impossible.

Another of current“Aryaa-chyan is girl.” is related with hair.

We used to keep her hair short until a few months back for the ease of washing and maintaining it. She started ‘demanding’ long hair after that saying “Girls have long hairs. Aryaa-chyan is girl.” She is a ‘fan’ of Nana-chyan, one of her ‘best’ friends, who has longest hair among her classmates. Aryaa’s hair is getting longer gradually and she is eagerly waiting for the day when her hair will be as long as that of Nana’s.

Not only length, even her style has changed. While in shower, she tries to wash her hair imitating her mother, sometimes even ‘teaches’ her mother the proper ways:) And when sometimes her hair falls to her forehead, it's nice to see her moving it back with her small index fingers. She has a style and it's so 'girl like':)

It's surprising to see this craze even in a small child like her. Such thoughts are already deeply ingrained in human consciousness, human society all the world over is thinking like that since at least a few thousand years and it doesn't seem that this thinking will end soon.

Aryaa's 'long hair' craze is working greatly in one aspect though. She is ready to eat any vegetable now as vegetables 'make' her hair 'longer':)

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आश्मा said...

wow!! our cutie pie is starting to think girls type ..amazing!!.... it is so nice she feels proud herself being a daughter!!

नयां लाउरे (Naya Laure) said...

I guess it is natural. One research has shown that boys spent more time playing with cars and balls, while girls spent more time playing with the dolls.

One of my friends is going to Nepal and he asked his daughter what she wants? Her answer was-doll.

Arya chyan is cute girly girl.

LC said...

Growing up!

अरुणेश मिश्र said...

उत्तम ।

archana said...

so sweet of aarya!!

Basanta said...

My sincere thanks to you all!

shail said...

Isn't ti amazing how they develop these interests?? Since I have two sons, I have never had occasion to see this love for hair and pink color etc :) But there was a stage when they were obsessed with hair, but of course the men's style. :)

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