Apr 30, 2010

Aryaa-chyan wants to be----

"Aryaa-chyan wants to be a bookshop owner after 50.", she said during breakfast a couple of days ago.  Her current 'want to be' is a bookshop owner, that we are hearing since last few weeks, but she has started adding "after 50" recently. Since her last birthday, she talks a lot about people's ages and it has got reflected in her 'dream' too.

Living with a kid is reliving your own childhood. I don't remember what was my first "want to be" but I remember I had a lot in my childhood too and they were constantly changing.

It was last summer when I heard Aryaa's "want to be" for the first time. She woke crying one morning.
"What happened?", I asked.
"Aryaa-chyan became a SENSEI (teacher) but -----".
"But what?"
"---but Nayu-chyan was AISUKURIMUYASAN (ice cream shop owner).", she was still crying.
"Ha ha ha! Is that so?", it made me laugh. "But isn't it very good that you became a teacher?"
"No! Aryaa-chyan too wants to be AISUKURIMUYASAN."
"OK! OK!! You too become an AISUKURIMUYASAN.", I told her. She stopped crying a little bit later.

I don't know what made her cry. She might have dreamed of her becoming a teacher and Nayu-chyan (one of her friends) owning an ice cream parlor. Or her teacher might have assigned her a role of teacher during a 'play' in kindergarten the previous day and she cried remembering that. Whatever the reason, it was 'unendurable' for Aryaa as she is crazy for ice cream:)

 Although she is still crazy for ice cream, her dreams have changed over time. I remember it was "SUPA NO ONECHYAN" (supermarket sales girl) around autumn. And during winter, as there was a lot of figure skating going in television, she wanted to become GURUGURUMAWARU ONECHYAN ('rotating girl', her word for figure skater). After that it was the teacher, yeah teacher itself for some time. It was KANGOU SAN (nurse) after teacher. It is bookshop owner now, and that too after getting 50.

"PAPA, MAMA MO EHON KAINI KITE NE. TAKUSAN EHON ARU KARA---" (Papa, Mama; please come to buy picture books (in my shop). I'll have a lot of them---), she tells us.

Seems she already 'knows' that advertising early is good for her business:))

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