Apr 21, 2010

Papa, don't go bald---!

It was last Sunday afternoon and we were watching TV.

"Why is that OJIISAN's head like that?" Aryaa asked. An old bald gentleman was singing on TV.
"OJIISAN is bald. His hair fell down.", I answered.
"Hee----! How?" she was surprised.
"I don't know how, but men lose hair gradually and they become bald." I explained. "Papa too will become like that OJIISAN someday." I am balding too, it's not as rapid as with some of my friends but I'm sure I will catch up with them in a few years:)
"No! Papa, don't lose your hair!" Aryaa screamed.
"Why?---I can't----"
"KAKKOU YOKUNAI (it's not cool). Aryaa-chyan doesn't like it. So don't lose your hair." She interrupted and 'ordered' me.

Now I have a problem. I have to do the impossible work of preventing my head from balding at any cost, as according to Aryaa,  it isn't "cool":))


bhagyareema said...

LOL So innocent

shail said...

Hahahaha!! And when you have done that, you can teach the rest of the world how not to go bald! :))

अरुणेश मिश्र said...


Me said...

by the way she is right........ i still have this question in mind why men loose their hair so rapidly than women??????? why more men are blad

Basanta said...

Thank you all for your kind comments! I hope I can know the reason for men balding and invent some medicine to prevent it. LOL!

SaraSansar said...

A man has so many responsibilities and tension throughout his life. balding caused by high blood flow in our brain. When we are angry, do lots of physical and mental exertion, chances of loosing hair is high.

At the same time use of so many chemicals in the name of shampoo, conditioner, bla bla...

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