May 17, 2010

Her favorite videos

These are a few of Aryaa's favorite videos (in YouTube), that she gets chance to watch when one of her parents is out and the other one is busy. 

This one is called "Strange A, B, C---". It's intended to make kids interested in English alphabets and remember them fast.

Next is Hello Kitty. She doesn't understand English yet, but loves to watch this one. 

She still loves to watch this DORAEMON song, but not as much as a year ago.

And this one was not intended for her:) I was making a play list of my favorite video/songs about Buddha and Aryaa saw and got interested in this video. When asked what she liked in it, she said "Buddha's face and head is KAKKOI ('cool').". LOL.


Kathmandu said...

i don't know where u from, But i like your blog very much. Thanks for visiting my site. From Kathmandu.

Basanta said...

Thank you Kathmandu! You are welcome in this blog.

Me too from KTM now, used to live in Japan.

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