Jun 14, 2010

'Laughing' and 'Walking'

Two short videos today. Aryaa wasn't yet 1 then.

This first one must be when she was 8 or 9 months old. What I have in my hand is a measuring tape. Aryaa is fascinated with the sound of tape (scale) being pulled out and rolled in.

Next one is even shorter. This was taken some days after Aryaa started walking. Aryaa started walking at around 9 and half months. Sorry for the poor quality too.

Jun 3, 2010

PURIKYUA (プリキュア)---

It was at least more than six months ago that Aryaa started talking about PURIKYUA--(プリキュア) and HAATOKYACCHY PURIKYUA (ハー トキャッチプリキュア). At the beginning, we didn't have any idea what those strange words meant. We thought it to be some word that she learned in kindergarten. Then when she started talking about characters like KYUAMARI, KYUAPAIN, KYUABUROSSAMU etc. we guessed it to be one of those countless Japanese anime targeting kids.

But it was still strange because she watches very liitle TV at home. It's also not broadcast in the 'free' Education Channel of NHK. I am sure that they don't let kids watch much in kindergarten too. What Aryaa learned about all these crazy characters must be from her friends who watch it. 

I came to know later that this PURIKYUA is the name of a magical anime metaseries being broadcast since 2004. PURIKIYUA is for "Pre Cure" ("Pretty Cure" shortened). HATOKYACCHI PURIKYUA! (ハートキャッチプリキュア!) or "Heartcatch Prettycure"! is the latest (7th) series of PURIKIYUA. 

And these series, its cute little girlie characters with magical powers, seem to be very popular among kidergarten age kids, specially girls. I knew that media was very successful in penetrating adults' thinking but didn't know, until this PURIKYUA thing that it was equally powerful among kids too. Looking at Aryaa, I can see that this series is a great marketing tool. Aryaa demands anything; clothes, bags, shoes, socks--- with PURIKYUA characters printed on them. Gone are the days of ANPANMAN and ZENMAI ZAMURAI. And same is the case with foods too, especially snacks and drinks. In fact, PURIKYUA characters dine with us everyday:) Aryaa always wants PURIKYUA brand FURIKAKE to sprinkle on top of her rice. Every little pack has different characters on them, so a small 'lecture' from Aryaa about those 'PURIKYUA of the day' is a regular ritual in our home:))

I can see Aryaa's sense of different colors improving sharply with theis 'PURIKYUA' thing. 

But it doesn't seem to be 'parents-friendly', as anything with some 'PURIKYUA' character on it costs much more than the same without it:)