Jul 31, 2010

Adjusting gradually

Aryaa is adjusting to life here gradually. She is learning Nepali fast and is also trying to make some friends. Her improvement in Nepali language will certainly give her many new friends. Aryaa has one little cute cousin sister, her name is Abha. Abha will be 2 soon. Aryaa and Abha normally get well with each other.

We are afraid that she will forget Japanese soon. So we (Sobita and me) have decided to continue talking with her in Japanese. This will be useful for us too, to maintain our Japanese speaking ability:))

Jul 21, 2010

A Long Silence Again

Sorry for the long silence again!

We left Japan and returned back to Nepal. Before leaving Japan, I was busy in preparation and couldn`t manage any time to write here. We were in Singapore for two days after leaving Japan. We visited some parts of Sentosa island there. Aryaa too enjoyed it but the day was very hot and we were tired to hell.

After arriving in Nepal, Aryaa seems lost in the new environment. She misses here friends in Japan very much. She sometimes says she wants to go back to Japan as she has more friends there than in Nepal. She is trying to learn Nepali and make friends here. It helped that she was in Nepal for 5 weeks last year here, she understands simple Nepali. We can see the difficulty she is having and doing our best to help her adjust here. Besides, My old father is seriously ill and most of the adult members of family are busy attending to him. So Aryaa and other kids sometimes aren`t getting enough attention. I haven`t have any chance to read bedtime stories to Aryaa these days. It just makes me so sad.

I hope everything gets well after a few days.

Thank you for being here! I will try to write continously about Aryaa`s days here, her success with making friends and her education after she joins school.

Jul 9, 2010

World Cup 2010 is to be blamed:)

I don't blame myself for this long absence, World Cup 2010 is to be blamed:))

Just joking, it's me who is to be blamed. World Cup comes distant second even if it's to be blamed:) My problem is that this blog is very intimate to me and so I want to write here only when I am in a perfectly 'relaxed' mood. Such moments are becoming rare and rare these days.

One short video again to break this 'long silence':)