Aug 31, 2010

Aryaa goes to School

Aryaa started going to school yesterday, one and half months after returning to Nepal.

She will be in 'Nursery' level for the time being, until she becomes familiar with the system here.

We have started living in the teachers/staff residence of an engineering college, where I have a job. Aryaa's school is not far from here. School bus comes to pick Aryaa and other kids up in morning and also to drop off in afternoon. Aryaa seems to have enjoyed these two days in school. We were worried about her Nepali language skills, but she is learning it very fast. She now knows enough to communicate in simple and short Nepali sentences and express her feelings. With her new friends and teachers, she will be fluent soon.

As all other parents, it was very hard for us too to decide a school for Aryaa. This one is considered one of the best in the locality we are living in now. All the people whom we asked had very good view of this school. I was also very much impressed by the School Principal's concepts and visions for kids' education.


Rama said...

all the best Arya!!

BloggerFather said...

Good luck. I love that first picture, with the back pack on the rocks, and the other girls staring straight at the camera.

Just wanted to let you know I wrote a little about the blog here. Hope you like it.

prem ballabh pandey said...

Best of luck to Arya.

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