Aug 22, 2010


It’s already more than one month that we are back to Nepal. Aryaa has become familiar with all the family members and many of the relatives. Her Nepali has improved a lot, and she has well maintained her Japanese language skills till now. If we two sometimes talk with her in Japanese, it’s probable that she will carry it further for some years.

We are trying to make her life in Nepal as comfortable as possible. We know she misses her kindergarten, her friends, her teachers and well equipped children parks in Japan very much. Her formal schooling in Nepal will start after a few days. We hope that she can make a lot of friends soon. When she has a lot of friends, she will enjoy her days here more than she is doing now.

While going for walk or for shopping, she is irritated with the garbage one can see everywhere. Nepal has been going through a long period of political instability. This has affected every sector of life, and waste management is one among them. Nepal’s waste management system might be one of the worst in world. “KUSAI! KUSAI!” (It stinks! It stinks!), she says, and covers her nose almost all the time we are in the street.

And the streets here are very crowded too. Our villages have very few facilities. They are also hotbeds for many insurgencies. So a lot of people from villages immigrated to cities. So villages are empty these days and cities have dense population, more than what their infrastructures can bear. The number of vehicles and bikes has gone up too, and with it the noise pollution. It’s as if there is a permanent horn blowing competition in our streets. Aryaa was very afraid at the beginning. She is not so much afraid these days but tries to close her ears with index fingers and sys “URUSAI!” (It’s noisy).

Our streets have a lot of stray cows and dogs. “GAI AYO!” (A cow there!), she says in Nepali, with smile in her face whenever she sees a cow. And “KUKUR AYO!” (A dog there!”), whenever see sees a dog. Even in this chaotic ‘world’, there is something that fascinates Aryaa and makes her happy:)

*'KUSAI' and 'URUSAI' are Japanese words, whereas 'GAI AYO' and 'KUKUR AYO' are Nepali.


Me said...

खै हाम्रो देश सचिनै धेरै फोहोरभो के गर्ने होला??? बिचारी बच्ची मा कस्तो नराम्रो impression पर्यो है ??? उसले येस्तैमा बस्ने बानि लगाउनु भन्दा यसलाई सफा पर्न पाए कत्ति राम्रो हुन्थियो होला???? BUT के गर्नु येस्तै हुनेभो उसलाई नि यसको बानि लाग्ने छ छिटै.

Anonymous said...

Yek chin bahira niskada ganayo bhanne child lai Bhanda tei phohor ko dangur mathi janmiyera tesaima jiban bitai raheka child ko future ko barema alikati gahiriyera sochda Kaso hola kunni?

rachna said...

Its really good to see the way Arya is trying to adapt herself. Thank god at least she is only big enough to be disgusted by the road side heaps of waste and still innocent to the colossal of stinking ravages sitting high up to lead our country.

Basanta said...

Thank you all for your kind comments!

Me, yes it is so sad that our country has very few good impressions to any child. Children who grow up here may not show it in surface, but they sure grow up with a bad impression of their own country. And when they become old enough to understand such things, they start dreaming of leaving their country one day and 'never' come back. Nothing is sadder than this.

Anonymous, I am surprised to see such an immature and childish comment here. Writing about my daughter doesn't mean that I don't care about other children, especially those who are poor. I love children very much and that's why I love Aryaa so much. Thinking about and doing for those poor children is our duty and I am contributing from my side whatever I can. But as a person, there are many limitations. What I can do well is take enough care of Aryaa and provide her with good education and skills needed to be successful in this world.

Yes Rachana, she will fee a very big frustration when she knows about those stinking ravages ruling us. We will try to raise her into a confident adult to fight against those ravages.

Chandra Magar said...

Basanta dai, after reading this article I made a true realisation that Father is not like a God but the God must be like a Father.. yes Father is the God!
Doughter Arya is so lucky to have a father like you! Everyone can feel your senstivity n seriousness to Arya through your words.
Thank you brother !

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