Oct 10, 2010

New 'friends'

Aryaa's TV time was controlled while we were in Japan, or I may say 'balanced'. She also didn't much care about it. She loves playing outdoors much more than TV or anything. She used to watch children programs in NHK Education Channel every morning. Many interesting and educative serials including ZENMAI ZAMURAI used to be aired then. But her craze was with PURIKYUA characters after she turned 3. It used to be aired every Sunday morning in another channel. But as Aryaa used to sleep until very late on Sundays, she rarely watched it. She used to watch PURIKYUA in You Tube.

Japanese channels can't be viewed here. NHK World is there, but I don't know whether it has anything for Aryaa's age or not. Aryaa is missing PURIKYUA very much. Watching in You Tube is also not easy due to the frustratingly slow internet here. It takes forever to load one 10 min video!

Luckily, our local cable provider has `Cartoon Network' in its list. Its 'Tom and Jerry' have become Aryaa's new friends now, they are replacing PURIKYUA characters rapidly. There is also an another cartoon (animation) channel, which airs a lot of animations based on Hindu religious stories. Aryaa loves them too, especially the one about Lord Krishna's childhood.

And Nepali folk music. Aryaa starts dancing whenever she hears some Nepali folk music or any other melodious music. She has already become quite a good dancer. She has even learned to wear her mother's shawl so that it looks like a sari:)


Shail said...

So Tom and Jerry are Aryaa's new friends :) I think they have been thrilling children for so many years now :)

Basanta said...

Thank you Shail! Yes, it seems Tom and Jerry will continue to thrill children of future generations too.

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