Nov 17, 2010

Photographer Aryaa:)

Namaste! This is my first ever post in this blog. I will try to be frequent here from now. I also have one blog in Japanese, you can see it here; MY WORLD.
Aryaa has started playing with our little digital camera. It's nice to see her in 'action'. And she is also the 'official photographer' of her parents:)

Here are some of her shots.

We are living in Pokhara city now. Majestic Himalayan mountains seem so near here. The place we are living, is still not a good location for mountain viewing.

And the photographer:)


नयां लाउरे (Naya Laure) said...

Good Job Arya. Hope you will continue to share more pics in future.

Shail said...

Wonderful! :) Good going Aryaa :)

वेदनाथ पुलामी (उमेश ) said...

Oh ! it is beautiful snaps.

Me said...

lovely snaps from a baby girl.....

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