Dec 20, 2010

Enjoying Cartoons

Aryaa enjoying "Tom & Jerry". She gets totally engrossed by it. While she is watching this, we have to shout "Aryaa!" 5-6 times to get response from her.

Dec 7, 2010

----Mountains and Jungles for you

Aryaa's innocent talks continue to surprise me. They are never old and never boring.

This one is from her 'ever changing'  "I want to be a ----" or "I will be a ----in future."  I now have already forgotten what her first "I want to be a ---" was. I may have mentioned it somewhere in this blog. Nurse, doctor, bookshop owner, ice-cream shop owner, farmer, driver are some of those  "--want to be---" that I remember.

She took this to new height yesterday morning.

"I want to be a god." She said while I was helping her change clothes.
"'God'??", I was surprised but I tried to hide my surprise. "Why do you want to be a god?"
"I want to build a lot of mountains and jungles for PAPA to take photos." So it was for me that she wanted to be a god.

I talked with Sobita about this. She said it's already a few days and Aryaa says like that quite frequently. She says it whenever she sees beggars too, that she will become a god, make a lot of money and distribute to them:)

My time with Aryaa recently is much less than that used to be in Japan. So I became late to hear this 'statement'.

Anyway, I promise with you to post photos of mountains and jungles that Aryaa creates:) For the time being, please be content with a pic of a mountain which already exists.

KAHUN DANDA in early morning