Dec 2, 2011

A MS-Paint drawing

Aryaa loves to type A, B, C, D--- in computer. She has started demanding computer games too, but till now I haven't managed any. Once I taught her to draw some basic shapes in MS-Paint. Here is what she showed me after a few practices.

Nov 10, 2011

First Shopping list

It was in morning, a few days ago. Her parents were talking about the things which were to be bought in the afternoon.
"I will make the shopping list", Aryaa, still in her breakfast, said.
"OK---", I gave her a piece of paper.

"Please by all these---", She handed me back the piece of paper with the list.

Her first shopping list includes fruits only. She has tried to write "Strawberry" in the third one, but in Nepali (Devnagari script). She has tried to write a relatively hard word here and has made mistake. But she tried it, and that's the best thing.  The last one is KAGATI (meaning lemon in Nepali).

I hope she will enjoy reading her first ever shopping list in future:)

Aug 12, 2011

Her Most Creative Time

There is no doubt that children are creative. But I will now add "--only if they are saved from TV".

It's not that I am a TV hater or anything like that. I think a balanced TV time, with carefully selected programs will certainly do a lot good to enhance their imagination and vocabulary and help teach them many new activities. TV starts damaging them when it gets more than one hour a day (in average). They will then learn only to sit in front of it and watch whatever is airing. I think even their thought process will be slowed as they don't need to imagine anything. It's better to give them their 'own' TV time (i. e. no switching to other channels time to time by adults) for 30 minutes or even 1 hour and after that switch off the TV. Then make them recall what they just viewed and what do they think of what they viewed etc. They will explain everything so interestingly in their own simple and innocent words. They will add their own imagination and fantasy too. This is my experience with Aryaa. She too sometimes wanted too much of TV but I think our intervention has been successful so far and she can be persuaded to switch off the TV. She is as happy as watching (if not happier), to 'explain' what all those funny characters in her favorite cartoons did, how they jumped, how they laughed and how they distorted their faces.... 

Let me repeat it again, persuading them is not easy. Any scolding or threatening will not do. It needs total honesty from parents' side that they don't interfere in the kid's 'own' TV time.

I have observed that when she is 'saved' from TV, Aryaa immediately gets engaged in other activities like collecting all her dolls and 'teaching' them with a marker and a small whiteboard in her hands, dancing, drawing or make us read something for her. Her level of concentration in such activities is very high in the evening after dinner. She doesn't like to go to bed early, she has always been like this.

But it's nice as long as she is creatively concentrated. Though tired and sleepy myself, I really love to watch 'her most creative time'.

Jul 29, 2011

UKG 1st Term Results

I was in Aryaa's School today to fetch the 1st term results. It seems she has done good. According to her teachers, she is doing well in class and she will have even better results in the coming terms. She has progressed a lot in her communication with her teachers and friends in last few months. We were afraid that she will find it harder as she skipped the LKG level, but she has well adapted with her new class, teachers and friends.

Jul 11, 2011

20 minutes' limit

Aryaa joined Nursery grade in a school here after coming back from Japan. Her age was a year more than that is considered normal for nursery, but we decided to admit her in nursery as she had language problems. She knew very little Nepali and no English at all. School children start learning English from the Nursery grade these days.

Aryaa did well both in Nepali and English. Her exam results too were good. So after discussing with her teachers, we made her skip the LKG (lower kindergarten) grade and admitted her in the UKG (upper kindergarten) grade.

A lot of homework started to come with UKG. While in Nursery, it used to be a page only, like copying some alphabets or simple words and 'fill' the page. UKG seemed harder! We could see Aryaa's difficulty in adjusting to such new 'environment'.

While helping her with her homework, I noticed that she greatly enjoyed doing it for the first 10 minutes. She didn't much enjoy the next 10 minutes but it was manageable. After 20 minutes however, everything went awry. She didn't enjoy the books and pencils at all after that. She would stare at the ceiling and seemed tired and sleepy. 

So we broke her HW time whenever there was more than '20 minutes' of it.

I hate the 'too much homework' culture that is prevailing in Nepal these days. Teachers and guardians don't take care of child psychology at all. They all think that loads of homework only will make a child wise and disciplined.

We need creative ways of teaching small children.

May 31, 2011


It was one of the recent bedtimes.

"Papa, what story will tell you today?"
"I want to repeat one that I told the day before yesterday. OK?"
"No, please tell a new one today."

After 'bargaining' for a moment, I start thinking hard for a story. 

"Well, do you want a story about a lovely girl or a lovely boy."
"A lovely girl."
"Well then, lets first decide a beautiful name for this lovely girl. What name do you like?"

We spend a couple of minutes on 'beautiful' names and finally agree on 'Saniya'. 

"There was a very big city. It was really very very big.------------. There were a lot of people in that city. And a lot of schools too. -------. Thousand schools. Yes, there were thousand schools."
"Papa, how much is thousand?"
"You know hundred, don't you? When there are 10 hundreds, it's thousand. Hundred, two hundreds, three hundreds, four hundreds, ------------- and thousand.

In these schools, there were a lot of beautiful lovely kids. In fact all the kids were beautiful and lovely. Among them was a little cute girl called Saniya. She was very friendly and had a lot of friends. 

Saniya had a dog which was called 'Sirku'. Saniya was good friends with Sirku too. Every morning Sirku used to go to school with Saniya. It came back to home after Saniya entered the gate and it used to wait Saniya in front of the gate in the afternoon. 

Sometimes this Sirku used to go out with his friends Mirku and Tirku. Saniya used to go to school alone on these days. Sometimes Sirku used to go to some far places with his friends and come back very late.
On one such day, while coming back from school, Saniya saw a pink rabbit. ---------------

"Papa, what happened after that?"

"Hmm---- Saniya saw a pink rabbit. When it walked, its feet shone with green light. Its head too shone, with blue light.  Saniya started following it. She was so attracted by the rabbit that she forgot to go home. Saniya followed the rabbit to Jungle.

There was a cave in the middle of the Jungle. Rabbit entered the cave. Now Saniya was alone. It was already dark."

"Poor Saniya----!", Aryaa was almost crying.
"Don't worry Aryaa. Saniya is a brave girl. Nothing will happen to her."

Saniya sat on a big stone there. There was a small river nearby. The stones in this river were colorful and glittering. Saniya collected some stones played with them. Then she started throwing back these stones to the river. When two such colorful stones collided, there was a very bright light and a fairy emerged from that light.
"Dear Saniya, why did you call me?"
"I--- I didn't call you fairy."
"Saniya, those small stones are called the 'fairy stones' and when two of them collide, I will come. OK, tell me what you wish."
"I want to have some dinner."
Then the fairy started rotating the magic stick in her hand and also chanted some MANTRA. 

'MMMMMMhumham angebangesangepange simsimjimjim--------- dhattttttt-----!'"
"Hi Hi Hi----" Aryaa was amused by the MANTRA and that loud "--dhatttttt!"

"Saniya also got a beautiful small house and a bed on top of that big stone. The fairy also told her that she will awake in her own bed in her house. To fulfill every wish, the fairy moved her magic stick in the air and chanted some crazy mantra like 'MMMMMMhumham angebangesangepange simsimjimjim--------- dhattttttt-----!' and 'MMMMMMhumham sirikmirikjhirik taktukthakthuk milikmilik-------- dhattttttt!"

When she opened her eyes the next morning, Saniya was in her own bed."

Next day, Aryaa demanded some revision in this story. She didn't like Saniya in the jungle alone. The revised version too will be here soon:)

May 14, 2011

Toothbrushes' Nightlife

It was already nine in the evening and we were brushing our teeth before going to bed.
What if all these brushes go out after we are asleep----? Aryaa suddenly asked with some smile in her face.
Hmmm------that would be so interesting.” I replied with a smile. I too had a smile because Aryaa had solved one of my problems for that night. I had got a new theme now based upon which to tell her a bedtime story.

Aryaa prefers fresh and live stories over those read from books these days. Its hard to weave a new story everyday, especially after a long and tiring day. And moreover, when I am sleepy, my stories become too incoherent and boring.

But that night was fine:)

There was a very big city. Do you know what city is?
Well, a city is a big place where there are a lot of buildings, streets, cars, people---.
OK, I understand. Please tell story now.

I like to start in this way because it helps me lengthen my so called stories:) Aryaa hates short stories.

OK, there was a very big city. It had so many buildings, streets, cars, bikes, and people---. There also were many dogs and cows and buffaloes. This city had many parks where a lot of children played everyday.

In a house in this city, there used to live papa, mama and kids. Everybody used to brush their teeth before going to bed. This day too, they did the same and went to bed. After all the people were asleep, brushes started talking with each other.

“Let’s go out today. Its so boring to stay here all the time—“
Yes, Yes! Lets go out. We need some refreshment.
What if people find out---?
They will not find out. They are all asleep. And we will come back before they get up in the morning.
Thats OK but what if those night guards see us?
When we see them coming we can hide behind the flower plants.

In this way those toothbrushes got down from the brush stand. They then climbed down the stairs. They got out from the ventilation because the door was closed. When they were in the road, they heard a motorcycle coming, so they hid behind a shrub

They started again after the motorcycle was gone. They headed towards the playground.

Papa, didnt they call the toothbrushes of the neighboring houses?
Hmm---, they dont want to call other brushes today. Well---, Im sorry, actually they started calling other toothbrushes---.

They called toothbrushes of other houses too. They knocked at doors and shouted liked Anus brush!, Anus mamas brush!, Anus papas brush---- in every house. You know, only a brush can hear another brush talking, or knocking at the door. A lot of brushes came out from many houses. Only some old brushes didnt come out as they couldnt walk.

Then they all headed towards the football ground. After reaching the ground, some brushes started playing football. Others were watching and cheering the game. Small brushes started climbing the trees.

Papa didnt they play badminton---and cricket?

Oh yes! Some of them went to another small ground to play badminton. Some went to the cricket ground and started cricket match.
Papa, what happened after that?

Hmm---- Hmm---. Then one of the small brushes fell from the tree and started crying. Some bigger uncle/aunt brushes carried him and sang many funny songs for him. That small brush requested one of the uncles to call his pencil and spoon friends so that he could play with them. Then this uncle sat down, closed his eyes and whispered small pencil!, small spoon!, small chopsticks!---Please come here to the ground soon.

Pencil, spoon and chopsticks in house heard this and replied OK, we will be there soon. After they came, small brush started playing with them. They were playing hide and seek when the small pencil and its tip got broken. It started crying. I cant go home without the tip. My papa, mama will scold me. Then the spoon sat down, closed its eyes and whispered Pencil cutter, please come here soon.

Pencil sharpener came and sharpened the pencil, pencil became happy again. Then a small book too came in the ground. They were surprised, nobody had called it. It said it was awakened by the noise and came to join the play. 

They were playing happily until suddenly the pencil and the book started fighting, nobody knew why. Pencil dirtied the book and book started crying. Then again spoon sat down, closed its eyes and called eraser. Eraser came after a few minutes and cleaned the book. Pencil said sorry to the book and the everybody started playing and enjoying.

Everybody, bigger ones and smaller ones, were playing, enjoying and laughing when roosters in the nearby village started crowing. "Oh-- it's almost dawn. Let's go back otherwise people will find us." They ran towards their respective houses. Luckily they reached their houses in time, nobody was awake. 

All the brushes, pencils, sharpeners, chopsticks and spoons of our little beautiful home made it too. All except the smallest toothbrush arranged themselves in the brush stand too. This smallest toothbrush was talking with the soap when suddenly the light was switched on.

"Oh, my little girl forgot to put the brush in the stand again!" Mama gently caught the brush and put it on the stand.

OK Aryaa, this was the story for today. Now let's sleep. Good Night, SHUVARATRI, OYASUMINASAI!

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Mar 20, 2011


Aryaa learned Nepali very fast, but some words are giving her trouble. These Nepali words are very simple, but yet it seems very hard for her to remember them compared to other difficult ones.

One is BHOLI (भोलि, word for "tomorrow"). She still says "SUTESI, UTHESI" (after sleeping and waking up). She says she will do this and that "SUTESI, UTHESI", or "SUTESI, UTHESI" is a holiday. etc. She coined this "SUTESI, UTHESI" herself with the logic that you first sleep and then rise up to find 'tomorrow'. Interesting coinage:)

Another one is ASTINAI (अस्तिनै, which may mean anything from 'several days ago' to 'several years ago'. She uses "ASTI, ASTI, ASTI------" for it. This ASTI means 'the day before yesterday'. Sure, many 'the day before yesterday' make one ASTINAI:)

Mar 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Aryaa!

Happy Birthday Aryaa!

Those were the wonderful 5 years with you. And we are sure that the coming days and years with you will be even more blissful.

Wish you a life full of joy and success.

           -PAPA and MAMA

Mar 1, 2011


Well, an update at last! The last time I was here seems ages ago!

It's not that I was short of materials to write. Aryaa's innocent quest and curiosity generate 'millions' of them. I can blame lack of time a little bit, but what is preventing me from coming here is the unreliable internet connection that we have in this place. Not only Internet, the power itself is so rare these days. Nepal has been facing chronic power shortages since last few years. Nepal's electricity system relies on hydro power.  Most of our generating stations are run-of-river type and only a few are storage (dam) type. Amount of water gets reduced in winter and it causes less and less generation of hydro power. There is 14 hours of outage these days. It may reach 16 hours (or even 18 hours as two years ago) after some days.  Water amount in rivers will gradually increase after snow in the Himalayas starts to melt from mid-spring and only then we will see the reduction in outage. 

And as Nepal is going through a frustrating political instability since last many years, development of new hydro power projects seems very distant.

Aryaa is going school regularly and she enjoys it. She had her first ever 'exam' two weeks ago and she did 'good' in it. She has become fluent in Nepali now, but sadly she has forgotten almost all of the Japanese that she knew before coming back. 

I will share some latest photos and videos when the internet connection becomes reliable and fast.

Thank you for visiting!

Feb 4, 2011