Mar 20, 2011


Aryaa learned Nepali very fast, but some words are giving her trouble. These Nepali words are very simple, but yet it seems very hard for her to remember them compared to other difficult ones.

One is BHOLI (भोलि, word for "tomorrow"). She still says "SUTESI, UTHESI" (after sleeping and waking up). She says she will do this and that "SUTESI, UTHESI", or "SUTESI, UTHESI" is a holiday. etc. She coined this "SUTESI, UTHESI" herself with the logic that you first sleep and then rise up to find 'tomorrow'. Interesting coinage:)

Another one is ASTINAI (अस्तिनै, which may mean anything from 'several days ago' to 'several years ago'. She uses "ASTI, ASTI, ASTI------" for it. This ASTI means 'the day before yesterday'. Sure, many 'the day before yesterday' make one ASTINAI:)

Mar 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Aryaa!

Happy Birthday Aryaa!

Those were the wonderful 5 years with you. And we are sure that the coming days and years with you will be even more blissful.

Wish you a life full of joy and success.

           -PAPA and MAMA

Mar 1, 2011


Well, an update at last! The last time I was here seems ages ago!

It's not that I was short of materials to write. Aryaa's innocent quest and curiosity generate 'millions' of them. I can blame lack of time a little bit, but what is preventing me from coming here is the unreliable internet connection that we have in this place. Not only Internet, the power itself is so rare these days. Nepal has been facing chronic power shortages since last few years. Nepal's electricity system relies on hydro power.  Most of our generating stations are run-of-river type and only a few are storage (dam) type. Amount of water gets reduced in winter and it causes less and less generation of hydro power. There is 14 hours of outage these days. It may reach 16 hours (or even 18 hours as two years ago) after some days.  Water amount in rivers will gradually increase after snow in the Himalayas starts to melt from mid-spring and only then we will see the reduction in outage. 

And as Nepal is going through a frustrating political instability since last many years, development of new hydro power projects seems very distant.

Aryaa is going school regularly and she enjoys it. She had her first ever 'exam' two weeks ago and she did 'good' in it. She has become fluent in Nepali now, but sadly she has forgotten almost all of the Japanese that she knew before coming back. 

I will share some latest photos and videos when the internet connection becomes reliable and fast.

Thank you for visiting!