Mar 20, 2011


Aryaa learned Nepali very fast, but some words are giving her trouble. These Nepali words are very simple, but yet it seems very hard for her to remember them compared to other difficult ones.

One is BHOLI (भोलि, word for "tomorrow"). She still says "SUTESI, UTHESI" (after sleeping and waking up). She says she will do this and that "SUTESI, UTHESI", or "SUTESI, UTHESI" is a holiday. etc. She coined this "SUTESI, UTHESI" herself with the logic that you first sleep and then rise up to find 'tomorrow'. Interesting coinage:)

Another one is ASTINAI (अस्तिनै, which may mean anything from 'several days ago' to 'several years ago'. She uses "ASTI, ASTI, ASTI------" for it. This ASTI means 'the day before yesterday'. Sure, many 'the day before yesterday' make one ASTINAI:)


LC said...

She is one creative and smart little girl plus a determined communicator! said...

Glad to find your blog. Really interesting :)

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